Moving With No Forwarding Address: What do I do?

How to move with no forwarding address 

Are you sure of an upcoming move but unsure of where you’re moving to? It’s actually pretty common, especially if the move happens suddenly because of work or family. One major concern is receiving mail and household goods when there’s no forwarding addresses. Take a look at the information below to learn about three mail forwarding options and about a moving service that doesn’t need an address to finalize plans. 

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Three ways to forward mail without a permanent address 

No address? No problem. The United States Postal Service® provides the following solutions to help ensure you still receive mail during a move:

Forward mail to a P.O. Box 

Once you know the area you’ll be living in, consider renting a postal box. It’s a safe and convenient way to receive letters and packages while awaiting a permanent residence. Use this helpful resource to learn how to get a P.O. Box®

Send through General Delivery 

As long as you know what city you’re moving to, all mail and packages can be forwarded to a local Post OfficeTM as General Delivery. The Post Office will hold mail for 30 days, and it will need to be picked up in person (photo ID required). For cities with multiple postal locations, call 1-800-275-8777 to determine which ZIP Code to send it to (it’s typically the main office). 

Temporarily change your address 

Another option is asking a friend or family member to collect mail and send it to the new address once it’s established. If this sounds ideal, temporarily change your address with USPS®.  

After finding a permanent place to live, complete a Change of Address form to start receiving mail at home again. 

Moving household goods without an address  

Moving with no permanent address is easy with U-Pack®! As long as you know the general destination, we can provide service. It works like this: Start by getting a free online quote. Enter the current ZIP Code and a ZIP Code for the destination (don’t worry if it’s not exact; it can be updated later). After reserving, we’ll drop off a trailer or container at your current home, and you’ll have three business days to load everything. Then, we’ll pick it up and deliver it to one of our service centers closest to the ZIP provided. What happens next depends on when you get an address. 

U-Pack provides a two-business-day grace period to finalize housing arrangements. If you need more time, speak with a U-Pack moving consultant for details as holding charges apply. If you need an extended period to find housing (like a few weeks/months), consider using our convenient and affordable storage solutions. Final charges are based on equipment, how long it’s stored and where it’s eventually delivered. Talk with a U-Pack consultant at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to discuss all of your options. 


Have questions about forwarding mail or belongings without an address? Leave us a comment, and we’ll answer shortly. 

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