How Far in Advance Should I Book a Moving Company?

When should I schedule movers?

When planning a move, one of the first things you may think about is booking the moving company. But how much notice do they need? Is six months up to one year too early? What if you’re short on time and only have one week or less — is it too late? Take a look at company suggestions, discover the benefits of booking early, and learn what to do when moving last minute.

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Company recommendations

Every company recommends various timelines for scheduling a move. You can usually rent a truck the same day, but you may have to call several places to find the right equipment. Full-service movers have to do an in-home estimate, so they need more notice. For example, Mayflower® suggests getting an in-home estimate eight weeks before the move. They also advise reserving equipment no later than seven weeks ahead. At U-Pack®, we recommend scheduling a move one month in advance for your convenience. But, we can accommodate requests on short notice (more on this below).

It’s best to review the reservation policies for the company you’re interested in using. This way, you’ll know if it’s too early, or too late, to book a move.

The benefits of booking early

Booking a move early has many advantages:

  • Use the movers you want. Some companies’ moving schedules fill up weeks in advance, particularly during the summer. Starting early gives you enough time to get quotes, compare movers and reserve the company you want.  
  • Have access to equipment options. If you plan to move during the peak season, it's best to book early. This helps to ensure you get access to the equipment you need.
  • Lock in rates. Rates change over time, especially as fuel prices fluctuate. Reserving early will lock in the price, so that you can budget accordingly. 
  • Have plenty of time to plan. Scheduling movers is only one part of the process. You’ll also need to pack, make travel plans, notify businesses and utility services, and more. After booking, use this moving checklist to find out what to do next.

Is it possible to book a move too early?

If you know you’re moving one year from now but aren’t sure where to, it could be too early to book a move. It’s best to contact a moving company once you know the specifics like when and where. Once you have the details (regardless of how far in advance), it’s fine to go ahead and book the move. Just be sure to review the company’s cancellation policies.

Can I schedule a move last minute?

If you’re moving on short notice, call a moving company as soon as possible. The closer your date gets, the fewer options that may be available. U-Pack is designed to be simple whether planning months in advance or with only 24 hours’ notice. (Note that certain seasons and locations may require more time). With a quick phone call, we can check your dates, verify equipment is available and reserve the move. Contact a U-Pack consultant at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 for help.

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