Finding Short-Term Housing

Need a temporary housing solution?

Whether you’re waiting for a specific home to be ready for move-in or still figuring out where to live, it’s sometimes necessary to move without knowing your permanent address. But with multiple short-term housing options available, your long-distance move can still be done easily! 

Man and woman accept keys on their short-term rental from a landlord.


What to know about short-term rentals

Before agreeing to a temporary lease, there are a few things to consider.  

  • Cost and terms. Make sure you understand the weekly or monthly cost of your rental, who is responsible for utilities and any additional terms of the lease (policies, parking, etc.). 
  • Pet policy. Does the unit allow pets? 
  • School district. Depending on the time of year, you may need to find a rental within the desired school district for your children.  

6 best options for temporary out-of-state housing

These temporary housing solutions are good places to start your search:

Employer or military accommodations

If you’re moving for a new job or as part of a PCS, check with your employer or military branch about temporary housing. They might have short-term rental options available until you can find a permanent home.  

Learn more about: 

Short-term apartment or house rentals

Search online or speak to a real estate or rental company about short-term leases for apartments or houses. You might find fully furnished properties available monthly or with short 3- to 6-month leases. If there is a traditional rental property that has been vacant for an extended period, you may be able to negotiate a short lease.  

Note: If you decide to sublet an apartment or house (take over the lease agreement from the original lessor), make sure the landlord has granted permission. 

Extended-stay hotels 

Built with the business traveler in mind, extended-stay hotels are often fully furnished with kitchen and dining areas to make the suites feel like home. The hotels typically have weekly or monthly rates and usually offer amenities like utilities, laundry and on-site gyms.  

Vacation rentals 

Websites like Airbnb, Turnkey and Vrbo offer vacation homes, but you can also find good deals on short-term rentals, especially if your housing needs fall outside of peak travel times. These places are typically fully furnished, so you won’t have to unpack all your things and you might be able to negotiate a discount for longer stays.


If you already own a camper or an RV, consider staying in it while you search for a new home. Look for RV parks or campsites with water and electrical hookups. If you don’t have an RV, borrow or rent one for an extended stay.

With family or friends

If you have family or friends who live in your new city, you might be able to stay with them. Ask someone directly or put out an appeal on social media to see if anyone offers. Staying with someone is generally free or cheap, just be a good houseguest by contributing to household expenses, cleaning up after yourself and not overstaying your welcome. 

Ready to move?

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If you have questions about U-Pack services or finding temporary housing, let us know in the comments!