Timing for a Job Relocation

Moving out of state for a new job 

You just received the call you’ve been waiting for — and you got the job! Congrats! It’s exciting to think about living in another state and taking on a new career challenge, but for now, you’re focused on when and how to move. Don’t worry; we can help. Check out the information below to determine when to begin your job relocation, and read how U-Pack® solutions can help simplify the process.

Office items packed and ready for moving as part of a job relocation.


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What’s a reasonable amount of time to relocate?

Typically, employers allot one month from the time you accept the offer to the start date. In some cases, a company may need to fill a position immediately and will only allow a couple of weeks (or less) to relocate.

While moving on short notice isn’t ideal, it is doable. And whether you have 30 days or only a few, U-Pack is ready to assist! Let’s take a look at the timeline for a standard job relocation using our service and how to use that timing to plan your move date. Then, learn about a faster solution we offer.

Job relocation timeline using U-Pack

An average U-Pack move takes 5-15 days (depending on origin and destination), which is plenty of time if you have a month or longer to get started at your new job. Here’s the timeline:

  • Soon after accepting the offer, call us to get a quote and schedule your move (as long as equipment is available, we can deliver a trailer or container as soon as the next business day)
  • Once we drop off the equipment, you have three business days to load
  • Then, we drive it to the destination (average transit of 2-5 business days)
  • You get three more business days to unload

How to determine your move date

Now that you know the timing for a standard U-Pack move, you can figure out the best time to schedule move out day for your situation. You can calculate it manually or give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

To figure it out on your own, start by adding the number of days you’ll need for loading and unloading to the number of days for transit (note that in most locations you get up to three business days to load and unload). You can find the estimated transit time for your specific move by getting an online quote. Once you know the total days, simply count backward starting at least a few days before your scheduled start date. The date you count backward to is when you’ll want the equipment delivered to start loading.

Pro tip: If you want to know the exact day of delivery, you can select Guaranteed Transit for that added peace of mind. If an estimated transit time works for you, consider adding a few extra days to give yourself some time before starting your job.

Want help determining what date you should move? We’re happy to assist — just call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077.

U-Pack solutions that help simplify work moves

Along with our prompt service and fast delivery, we offer many other solutions to make moving for work easy:

Online booking

Book on your own time — even if that’s midnight! Coordinating a job relocation can get hectic, and reserving a moving company is just one task of many. While you can call our office from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST Saturday , sometimes that’s tough when you’re at work all day. Our online tool makes it possible to get a quote and book 24/7.

Convenient pickup

You don’t have to be present when we pick up the equipment. Call us after loading, and then you’re free to hit the road or catch a flight. This is convenient if you need to start work sooner than expected.

Same thing for unloading. It’s not necessary to be home when we pick up the empty equipment, so there’s no need to miss work.

Help with unloading

Often, when relocating for a job, you may not know anyone there yet. If the thought of unloading (or loading) alone seems overwhelming, consider hiring help. We can refer you to a network of professional moving laborers who can handle just the big items or everything.

Storage solutions

Need to move for work quickly and don’t have time to find permanent housing? That’s OK — we can store your belongings inside our equipment for as long as necessary. Then, once you find a place to live, call us to set up delivery.

Online tracking and text alerts

Track your shipment online, and sign up for text alerts. Knowing where your belongings are during transit can help you plan for their arrival. This way, if you need to schedule delivery during work, you can ask off ahead of time.

Easy way to transfer personal information

Don’t miss work for tasks like transferring utilities and updating your license and address. Instead, change everything online using Updater. This invite-only service is available to all U-Pack customers!

Have questions about planning your job relocation?

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and have a lot of questions when relocating for a job. We’re happy to help plan the process and answer any concerns. Just give us a call, or leave a comment below.