Timing for a Job Relocation

Figuring out the timeline when moving out of state for a job

You got a job offer in another state. Now what? Well, there’s a lot to do before your first day of work. Along with the packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking, you’ll also need time to adjust. How long will that take? We can help you make a plan for your job relocation. U-Pack® is a favorite among people moving for work because we deliver door to door quickly and affordably. We can help you figure out when to start moving and how long the whole process might take. 

Office items packed and ready for moving as part of a job relocation.


There’s no standard — schedules can vary 

Legally speaking, there’s no labor law that states how long an employer must give you for relocation. It’s up to you and your employer to work it out.  

What’s a reasonable amount of time to relocate? Typically, employers will give you between 4 weeks from accepting the offer to starting the job. But if they need to fill a position immediately, they may only allow a couple of weeks or less to move.  

Depending on how you move, 2-4 weeks could be more than enough time, or it could be cutting it close. For example, full-service movers can take weeks to deliver your belongings since they wait to consolidate shipments going to the same destination. But many DIY moving solutions, like U-Pack, don’t take nearly as long. 

Here’s what U-Pack recommends: 

An average U-Pack move takes 4-6 business days depending on distance.

If you’ve accepted a job offer across the country:

  • Call us as soon as possible to get on the schedule. While we can often help if you’re moving on short notice, availability and pricing are best in advance. 
  • Work backward from your start date to determine your move date. (More on that below). 
  • Start packing right away. Start with off-season or infrequently used items and go from there. 
  • When we drop off the equipment, you have three business days to load. Tip: Have equipment delivered on Thursday or Friday to keep it over the weekend for additional free loading time. 
  • You’ll travel while we drive your belongings to your new destination. Transit times can vary, but your moving quote will give you the estimated time.  
  • You get three more business days to unload. 
  • If you have extra time, use it to update your driver’s license, register your car and find your way around your new city. 

So, when should the move begin? 

The easiest thing to do is to call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 because a moving consultant can help you figure out your moving calendar. 

But if you’d like to schedule it out, here’s how: 

1. Add up the total moving time.  

Each move is different depending on the moving company, origin and destination. Use this equation to calculate the days your move will take:  

Loading time + Transit time + unloading time= total moving days 

Note: For most U-Pack moves, loading and unloading time is three business days on each end. Transit times are estimated unless you select our Guaranteed Transit option, where you can choose your exact equipment delivery date.  

2. Add in any unpacking or settling time if you need it.  

We often get asked, “How early should I get to a new city before starting a job?” It’s possible to arrive the day before and spend evenings unloading after work. But if you can get there a few days in advance to settle in, you’ll be more rested and relaxed for your first day.  

3. Count backward from your start date.  

Grab your calendar and a pencil to plot it all out. Here’s an example: Your start date is on December 20, and you’ve figured that you need 18 days total (3 business days for loading + 5-7 days of transit + 3 business days for unloading + 5 days for unloading and getting settled). So, you would want your moving equipment delivered on December 2.  

Need help planning your move? 

Our moving consultants are great at answering questions and helping you choose the perfect move date. Give us a call or leave a comment for assistance — we’re here to help!