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The Ultimate College Packing List

July 20th, 2018 - 1:08 PM

How to pack for college

You can’t take everything from home with you to campus, but you do need to bring the essentials. Making sure there’s room for everything can be tough, which is why sticking to a list is a great idea. If you’re tempted to bring more clothes than necessary, stick to the basics: gear for all seasons, a professional outfit for presentations and workout clothes. Then just be sure to include cleaning and laundry supplies to tackle any mess you can make and medicine cabinet necessities for those sick days. 

Use this college packing list to stay organized

While the dorm may only be one small room, you’ll want to have items that make it feel like home. Use this college moving checklist to cover all the important must-haves. 
college packing list

And while it’s important to think about the things you’re going to take, it’s also necessary to think about the stuff NOT to pack. Check with the school or landlord for any banned items. Some schools have rules in place concerning electronics (like there may be a ban on large speakers or big screen TVs), appliances (like hot plates or toasters) and pets (fish may be allowed, but lizards might not). 

When to start packing for college

Start packing as early as possible. A few weeks should give you plenty of time to go shopping for new stuff and gather items from around the house. Create an empty area in your room (or in a spare room) to set aside things to take to campus. Start by collecting new items or objects that you aren’t currently using, such as new bathroom decor or spare kitchen gadgets. For stuff like clothing and electronics that are used daily, wait and pack them a few days before leaving. 

College packing tips

]When it comes time to get everything to campus, make sure to pack items safely — it’s important to protect against damage. If possible, pack your stuff in drawers, luggage or storage containers that will stay at school, and pack the rest in sturdy moving boxes. Keep new items in their original packaging, and open them after arriving at school. Pack similar articles together in the same box, so unpacking is easy. Here are some other tips to keep in mind:

  • Include storage items. To help make sure there’s room for everything in the dorm, get creative with storage space. Under-the-bed containers can hold out-of-season clothing or shoes. A door pocket organizer can hold towels or cleaning supplies. 
  • Think about emergencies. Don’t be without during a stressful situation. Make sure to bring carpet cleaner, super glue, a small sewing kit and a flashlight. 
  • Talk to your roommate. Ask what items they plan to bring, and see what they’re willing to share. Knowing this in advance will keep you from packing unnecessary things (like a fridge or microwave). 
  • Bring moving day essentials. If you’re moving heavy furniture or big items, a moving dolly may come in handy. And don’t forget to bring scissors or a box cutter to open the boxes!

Have questions about moving to campus?

If you’re going to an out-of-state college, check out U-Pack student moving services. Our ReloCube containers are great for campus moves — each Cube holds the contents of a studio apartment or dorm, and they fit into a standard parking space. Get a free moving quote to get started. For questions, call us at 800-413-4799 or leave a comment below. 

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