Quick Curb Appeal Projects You Can Do in an Hour

How to increase curb appeal on a budget 

Looking for fast, inexpensive ways to boost your home's curb appeal? Whether you’re selling your home or just want to spruce it up, there are some simple projects you can tackle quickly to make your home look more attractive from the outside. We’ve found budget-friendly tasks you can do in any season to help your home look its best. Let’s get started! 

Blue house with a red front door and pretty landscaping.


13 quick and easy curb appeal projects 

Here are 13 curb appeal projects that won’t break the bank, and you can do them in about an hour! 

1. Pick up yard waste  

Removing debris around the front yard only costs some elbow grease and large trash bags. Rake any leaves, trimmings or cut grass to present a clean yard. 

2. Hide the clutter

Kids’ toys, trash cans, yard tools and even lawn decorations can crowd your space and make it seem small. Pick up anything that’s adding clutter to your yard and find a better home for it: toys can be moved to the garage; hoses can be placed in a decorative holder; and trash cans can easily be hidden behind a decorative fence panel. Small changes can make a big difference!  

3. Power wash the house and surrounding areas 

Houses need baths, too, so break out the power washer or grab some scrub brushes to get started. Clean the entire exterior of the house, including the windows, porch, driveway and walkways or sidewalks to make them look new again.  

Note: You may want to skip this step in the winter to avoid ice!  

4. Enhance the front door 

Refinish the front door or paint it a bold, eye-catching color that complements your home for a quick update that’s sure to please. Red, blue, green or even purple, the possibilities are endless! And while you’re at it, update or paint the hardware to help the door stand out. If your door’s too far gone, consider replacing it with a prefinished unit for a quick upgrade.  

Note: Make sure to check the required temperatures for paints and stains to dry for winter projects. 

5. Update or add accent trim 

Clean or paint existing accent trim and shutters or add something new to spruce up your home. You can build these things yourself by following along with some YouTube tutorials or purchase inexpensive premade trim to suit your style and budget.  

6. Add window flower boxes 

Build or buy flower boxes to install below your windows. Add some colorful flowers (real or fake depending on the season) to give your home a cozy cottage vibe.  

7. Brighten your landscaping 

To improve your yard, start by trimming overgrown plants and removing any dead ones. Next, weed and add fresh mulch in a contrasting color. Add a couple of new plants (or trees) and decorate with planters to brighten your home’s exterior. For cold weather, look for colorful plants like mums or poinsettias for pops of color. 

8. Light it up 

Make sure your home is well-lit for nighttime viewing. Refinish or replace outdoor light fixtures to keep them looking fresh. Make sure to follow safety guidelines for working with electricity! 

Also, consider adding solar-powered landscape lighting around the perimeter of the home to accent flowerbeds, walkways and your mailbox if it’s near the street. With these accent lights, you can place them anywhere without investing the time or money to run wires.  

9. Create an inviting entrance 

Make sure your porch or doorstep is friendly and welcoming. Clean or replace any porch furniture and place some colorful outdoor pillows. Add a new doormat to finish updating your space.

10. Decorate for the season (but not too much!) 

You can add interest to your property by displaying some seasonal décor. A simple wreath or garden flag with colorful flowers, fall leaves or winter holly goes a long way. Avoid using too much holiday décor if you’re selling the home since not all buyers will celebrate the same holidays.

11. Renew the mailbox and house numbers 

A brand-new mailbox will give your home a fresh look. If replacing the box isn’t in your budget, give it a good scrubbing and a coat of spray paint to make it prettier. Once your mailbox is in tip-top shape, consider adding some decorative house numbers to make that address pop even more. You can find a variety of premade numbers at a hardware store or use some scrap wood for a DIY sign. 

12. Finesse your fencing 

You might already have a wooden privacy fence or a chain link one enclosing your backyard. Make sure the fences are in good condition by repairing and cleaning or refinishing them. You can also install inexpensive decorative fencing in your front yard around flowerbeds. Look for premade metal or composite plastic garden fencing for a quick upgrade. 

13. Update the garage doors 

Clean and paint your garage doors to keep them looking their best. You can also attach decorations that look like carriage windows, handles and hinges to further enhance the look.

Weekend curb appeal projects 

Have a little more time and money to spend on curb appeal? Consider one of these projects you can accomplish over a weekend:

Design an outdoor seating area 

Many people enjoy the outdoor space on their property as much as they appreciate the home itself. Create a relaxing outdoor space with pavers or deck panels. Add a pergola or awning for shade and some patio furniture to complete the look.  

Make a walkway  

Many people enjoy the outdoor space on their property as much as they appreciate the home itself. Create a relaxing outdoor space with pavers or deck panels. Add a pergola or awning for shade and some patio furniture to complete the look.  

Share your curb appeal projects with us! 

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