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Quick Curb Appeal Projects You Can Do in an Hour

February 26th, 2018 - 10:48 AM

Simple ways to add curb appeal to your home 

When you think about updating your home’s exterior, do you see dollar signs and hear the sound of a clock ticking? Without a doubt, many do-it-yourself home projects are pricey and time-consuming. But increasing curb appeal to create an inviting look doesn’t have to be. Check out these 10 quick and simple curb appeal projects and complete them in an evening or on the weekend. 

10 quick curb appeal projects 

Curb appeal is the way a home looks from the street. It can include the house, front yard and walkways. Even if there are bigger jobs to tackle — like painting or replacing the roof — these small projects can make an impact. 

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Add a splash of color to the front door

A fresh coat of paint can revive anything, especially a front door. Choose a color that stands out but still complements your home. For example, a red door would pop on a white, cream, gray or blue house. A bright yellow door would look good on both light and dark houses. And, black doors look great against lighter exteriors. Don’t be afraid to go bold — bright orange and pastel purples make great door-color options, too! Add a final splash of color by hanging a lush, floral wreath.  

Bright orange front door with a butterfly wreath and a wooden bench with plaid pillows

Spruce up the porch  

There are many fun and easy ways to create front porch curb appeal. If the area is large enough, add rocking chairs with cushions, ornate benches or a table with chairs. Place a welcome mat in front of the door, and surround the entryway with decorative signs and potted plants. Don’t forget to have fun with seasonal and holiday-themed décor! In the fall, line porch steps with a variety of pumpkins. At Christmas, wrap columns and railings with white or colorful lights. 

Long front porch with furniture, potted plants and a doormat

Perform a garage door makeover

Take a look at the garage door. Is it dull? No worries. Add appeal to this part of your home by adding some simple hardware. You can turn a boring garage into something that looks upscale and modern! The decorative pieces are super easy to fasten to the existing door. 

Neutral-colored garage door adorned with fancy hardware

Hang shutters  

Shutters are great for adding character and charm to the front of a home. Your local home improvement store carries a variety of options — from wood-stained to eye-catching colors. Already have shutters? Painting the current ones to match the front door or color theme of the home is an easy curb appeal project. 

Bright turquoise shutters on a yellow house

Update or replace old hardware 

Modernizing hardware can add style and character to a home. Consider the finish and design you want. Some popular choices include, satin matte black and oil-rubbed bronze. You can also choose from rustic, traditional and contemporary designs. Once you choose a style and color, coordinate all the hardware to match that theme. Update things like doorknobs, door knockers, mailboxes, mail slots, house numbers, etc.  

Front door with a bronze knob, lock, knocker and mail slot

Install light fixtures 

Light up the night to create curb appeal at dusk and dark! Buy solar garden lights at a local home improvement store that easily stick in the ground. Consider lining pathways with these lights to help guide guests to the front door. You can also install light fixtures on the front porch or paint the current ones to give them a new look. 

Small solar garden lights in flower beds

Revive the flower beds 

Is your garden dull with dead flowers, weeds and old, discolored mulch? If so, then it’s time for a flower bed makeover! Start by pulling out the weeds and adding new mulch. Then, plant fresh, colorful flowers all over. Bright colors like blues, pinks and purples are perfect for the spring and summer. Warmer hues like reds, oranges and yellows are great for fall. 

Front yard landscaping design with hanging potted flowers

Manicure the lawn and bushes 

Maintaining a well-manicured lawn and neatly trimmed hedges is an easy way to add curb appeal. Cut overgrown bushes, remove low-hanging branches, and mow the lawn frequently. You’ll be surprised at how inviting your home looks by merely caring for the yard. 

Freshly trimmed front lawn and bushes

Clean the gutters 

A gutter full of leaves, twigs and other debris can look unflattering. The good news is that it doesn’t take much time or effort to clean them. Just grab a ladder, some gloves and a trash bag, and get to work. Do this regularly (especially in the fall) to maintain the cleanliness.  

Hand removing leaves from gutters

Wash the driveway and house 

Over time, walkways, driveways, porches, siding, and brick can get dirty and dingy. But it’s nothing a little washing can’t fix. Use a water hose and scrub brush (or a pressure washer for tough stains) to clean these surfaces and make them look brand new. 

Pressure washer cleaning wooden surface with a garden in background

What are some other ways to increase curb appeal? 

If you have other creative and quick ideas for creating curb appeal, share them in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!