Cheapest Way to Move Furniture to Another State

Shipping furniture

Because furniture is among the heaviest household goods to ship, using a mover that charges based on weight could blow your budget fast. The good news is that there are other ways to ship furniture to another state! Let’s review the different options so you can find the cheapest based on your needs.

Woman and man picking up a couch preparing to ship furniture to another state.


How to move furniture out of state 

If you’re not attached to your furniture, in some cases, it can be cheaper to sell it and purchase something else at the new place. But if you have sentimental or valuable pieces, it’s worth paying to move them — just be sure to pack according to the shipper’s guidelines so everything will arrive in good condition.  

Not everyone has access to a personal truck or trailer to haul furniture long distance, so here are popular solutions for moving furniture: 

Furniture movers 

Some companies focus on moving furniture, including specialty items like pianos. The companies create custom boxes and crates to fit each item to protect it during transit. While this isn’t the cheapest option for every item, it is the safest if you have a priceless antique or a grand piano.  

If you need to move specialty furniture and regular pieces, you could combine a furniture mover with a cheaper shipping option for the best value. 

Parcel shipping  

For a single small item, shipping with carriers like FedEx®, UPS® or USPS® can be an affordable option. But keep in mind that since prices are based on the box’s dimensions and weight, parcel shipping isn’t the most cost-effective way to ship large furniture or multiple pieces. Plus, you must find a way to get the furniture to the shipping store or pay extra fees to have it picked up at your home.  

Rental trucks 

A rental truck could be cost-effective if you’re moving furniture from state to state. Don’t forget to include the extra cost of fuel when you’re considering the price. Not everyone is comfortable driving a rental truck, plus the trucks only come in sizes that might be too small or too large for the amount of furniture you need to move. 

Keep in mind that if you’re moving across the country or several states away, the cost of fuel for a rental truck can be high since most only get about 8-10 MPG. 

Self-moving service

Using a self-moving service like U-Pack® is often the most economical way to ship at least one room of furniture to another state because prices are based on the space used rather than the weight of the shipment. Learn more about small long-distance moves with U-Pack.  

With U-Pack, a ReloCube® metal moving container can be delivered right to your door. You handle the packing and loading, and then our experienced driver will deliver to the destination. This is an excellent option with quick transit times (typically 4-6 business days) that’s easy and affordable.  

A ReloCube can hold a king-sized bed, a sofa and a dining room table — things that can be difficult (and expensive) to pack and move with other shippers. Plus, you don’t have to drive your furniture to a different location! 

Another great thing about U-Pack is that your things stay in the same moving equipment during transit, reducing the chance of damage from repeated handling.  

Get the cheapest price shipping furniture with U-Pack 

While U-Pack prices are already competitive for moving furniture, you can save money by using one or more of the following tips: 

Be strategic with loading

Utilizing space wisely in the moving equipment can help reduce costs for your move — for example, using one ReloCube instead of two.  Take full advantage of the moving equipment’s height — just be sure the furniture can be loaded on end (if necessary) and use ropes or straps to secure it during transit.  

Load and unload at a local service center

Most U-Pack shipments are delivered door-to-door, but you can save hundreds of dollars by loading and unloading the furniture at a local service center.  

Ship during the off-season if possible

Summer is the most popular season to move. You can save money by shipping furniture during fall, winter or spring. 

Learn more about what makes U-Pack one of the cheapest ways to move.   

Get a free quote for your furniture move  

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