Cheapest Way to Move Furniture to Another State

Affordable furniture shipping solutions

Not every move involves packing up an entire house. For some people, the only items worth taking are valuable pieces of furniture and a few boxes of personal belongings — an amount that may be expensive to move with services designed for large shipments. Which is why U-Pack® is one of the cheapest ways to ship furniture. Our services are designed to help you move to another state (or even across the country) while staying on budget. 

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Why is U-Pack a cheap way to move furniture?

U-Pack is often the cheapest way to move furniture because of the flexibility the service offers. Our rates are based on the amount of space you use, not how much the shipment weighs (which is ideal for heavy items like furniture). And by packing and loading well, you can use less space and save even more. 

U-Pack works like this:

U-Pack brings a moving trailer or moving container to your home. You load your furniture (and whatever else you’re moving). Then, the equipment is picked up and moved to your new home in another state. You unload, then U-Pack picks up the empty equipment. It’s easy and affordable.

We can handle shipments of one room’s worth of furniture up to an entire house (or more)! And when you consider that our transit times average just 2-5 business days, it’s easy to see why many customers decide U-Pack is the best way to ship furniture long distance.

Moving one piece of furniture?

U-Pack does have minimum space requirements — either one ReloCube container or five linear feet in a moving trailer, which may be too much if you’re only moving one piece of furniture. In some cases, it may be easiest to sell the item and buy it again at destination. If it’s sentimental or high-value, check with a parcel service to find out the cost to ship a single item to another state.  

Tips for shipping furniture 

Once you’ve chosen a cheap shipping option, there’s a little work to do to make sure your furniture is going to stay safe and secure during transit. Whether you’re moving a mattress, a dining room table, a couch or another item, make sure to follow these tips:

  • Do some prep work. Disassemble furniture by removing mirrors from dressers, feet from chairs and couches, and shelves from desks. Wrap items using protective supplies like furniture pads, stretch wrap and moving blankets. It’s important to pay extra attention to corners, weak areas and the polish/finishing to help avoid damage.
  • Load properly. Take care when putting furniture into the moving equipment so you don’t damage the pieces or doorways. For heavier items, consider using forearm forklifts or a moving dolly. Load heavier items on bottom and lighter items on top, making sure to pack high and tight.
  • Secure the shipment. The most important step is securing your furniture inside the trailer or Cube. Use rope or ratchet straps to tie everything down using the logistics tracking inside the equipment. Doing this will help prevent your furniture from moving around during transit.
  • Get help if needed. Furniture can be heavy and awkward to handle by yourself. If you need assistance loading or unloading, U-Pack can refer you to experienced crews. Just ask your moving consultant for help! 

Get a quote 

Since 1997, U-Pack has moved more than 1 million shipments across the country safely, with reliable transit times. See why U-Pack is the best way to ship furniture by getting a quote online or calling a friendly moving specialist at 844-362-5303844-594-3077.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. We’re happy to help!