Cheapest Way to Move Furniture to Another State

Comparing options for shipping furniture long distance

Moving large items — especially furniture — can be complicated and expensive due to the size and weight of the pieces. This is especially true if you don’t pick the right shipping solution. There are many different options to choose from when moving furniture, so keep reading to learn which method can be the easiest and most cost effective.  

Woman and man picking up a couch preparing to ship furniture to another state.


Self-moving services 

Using a self-moving service like U-Pack® is often the most economical way to ship at least one room of furniture to another state because prices are based on space used rather than the weight of the shipment. 

With U-Pack, a ReloCube® metal moving container can be delivered right to your door. You handle the packing and loading then our experienced driver will deliver to the destination. This is a great option with quick transit times (typically 4-6 business days) that’s easy and affordable.  

A ReloCube can easily hold a king-sized bed, a sofa and a dining room table — things that can be difficult (and expensive) to pack and move. Plus, you don’t have to drive your furniture to a shipping location! 

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Parcel shipping 

Parcel shipments with carriers like USPS®, UPS® or FedEx® can be good for a single small item, but since the price is based on the box’s dimensions and weight, it normally isn’t the most cost-effective way to ship large furniture or multiple pieces. Plus, you have to find a way to get the furniture to the shipping store or pay extra fees to have it picked up at your home. U-Pack rates include pickup and delivery, and there’s no need to weigh the items. 

Need to move just one piece of furniture? Check shipping prices first! In some cases, it can be cheaper to sell it and repurchase something else at the new place. If the piece is sentimental or high-value, it might be worth paying for parcel shipping — just be sure to pack it according to the company’s guidelines so it will arrive in good condition.  

Rental trucks    

When moving furniture state-to-state or 150 miles or less, it may be affordable to rent and drive a moving truck. But don’t forget that you’ll also have to pay for fuel, so this option may not be the best for longer distances when moving a lot of furniture, especially with rising fuel prices. Plus, with this option, you’ll need time to drive the truck to the destination. With U-Pack, just pack and load the furniture and then our professional drivers will handle getting it to the destination. 

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Tips for the best price shipping furniture with U-Pack  

While U-Pack prices are already competitive for moving furniture, you can save money by using one or more of the following tips: 

Load and unload at a local service center

While most U-Pack shipments are delivered door-to-door, you can make it even cheaper by loading and unloading the furniture at a local service center.  

Use the right packing materials

Avoid costly damage to furniture by using plenty of protective supplies like paper padding, stretch wrap and moving blankets when packing, and pay extra attention to corners, weak areas and the polish/finishing.  

Be strategic with loading

Using space wisely in the moving equipment can help reduce costs for your move. Take full advantage of the moving equipment’s height — just be sure the furniture can be loaded on-end (if that’s necessary) and use ropes or straps to secure it during transit.  

Ship during the off-season

Summer is the most popular season to move. You can save money by shipping furniture during fall, winter or spring.

Check rates for your furniture move

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