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How to Read Your Moving Quote

September 13th, 2018 - 2:23 PM

Understanding a moving quote

When choosing a moving company, be sure you fully understand the quote — what it includes, what might change and any other price options. It’s also very important to check for accuracy. Small details can impact the price, and the actual move will occur based on the estimate’s particulars.

Take a closer look at a U-Pack® moving quote to find out all of the details it includes, and learn how to compare a U-Pack estimate to other moving company quotes.

U-Pack moving quote with price and equipment

Look for these details on your moving quote

The following information will be listed on your quote, and will be important to know and verify before reserving a move:

Reference number

We keep track of each customer with a unique reference number, which is listed on the quote. Keep it handy when calling us or reserving online, but note that this number may change if adjustments are made to the move details.

Total cost

U-Pack quotes include costs for equipment, transportation, taxes, fuel and liability coverage.

Equipment type

U-Pack offers both ReloCube® containers and moving trailers. When both are available for your move, you’ll be able to toggle between options to compare prices. We use the size of your home to estimate how much of the equipment you’ll need, but you can adjust the quote if you think you’ll use more or less. The final price will be based on either the number of ReloCube containers you use or the total linear feet items take up in a moving trailer. You aren’t charged until after loading, so if you need more or less space, use it — just adjust the rate as follows:

  • Adjusting the trailer price. With the moving trailer option, we provide an “adjustment price per foot,” which is how much the price will increase for each additional linear foot used (or how much the price will decrease if you use one linear foot less space). For example, if you use 5 more feet when loading, multiply the per-foot-adjustment rate by 5 and add to the total. Use 5 fewer feet when loading? Multiply the per-foot adjustment price by 5 and deduct from the total.
  • Cost for multiple Cubes. Depending on the home size, you might see pricing options for different numbers of ReloCubes. For example, the quote might have one price for 2 Cubes and another for 3 Cubes. You only pay for the Cubes you use, so if you have 3 delivered but end up only using 2, you only pay for 2.

Transportation services

U-Pack is a self-moving service, so our moving quotes include transportation (including delivery and pick-up of the equipment). We break down this section with the following details:


Most U-Pack moves offer door-to-door delivery, but we also have options where you load or unload at a service center. If the quote says “terminal-to-terminal,” that means you would load and unload at a service center. “Terminal-to-door” and “door-to-terminal” are where you have door service at one end and either load or unload at the nearest service center. The quote will include the location of the service center.

Delivery date

We call the date the equipment is initially dropped off the “delivery date.” You typically have three business days for loading, so if there’s a hard move-out date, let us know, and we can adjust the date.

Estimated transit time

We give a range for the number of business days that it will take for your belongings to get from origin to destination. The transit time doesn’t begin until we pick up the equipment after loading. If you have a tight schedule or need your belongings on a particular day, we have guaranteed service available for an additional fee.

Loading or unloading help

U-Pack doesn’t have moving crews, but we can refer you to experienced local labor. The quote will list prices for helpers on both ends of the move.

Learn more about everything that plays a role in the moving price

U-Pack quotes vs. other moving company quotes

Most companies allow you to get a moving quote online, but since each company offers different services, it can often feel like you’re comparing apples to oranges. When examining the options, make sure to look at these things:

Things that cause price changes

Some companies have extra charges. For example, full-service movers might add a long carry fee if the front door is too far from the moving truck. Or fuel surcharges could be added.

With U-Pack, the price will only change if you use more or less space, change the details of the move, add extra services or don’t follow the terms set in the Bill of Lading. Here’s a complete list of things that could affect your price:

  • Changing the origin or destination of the move
  • Changing the move date
  • Incurring parking fees, fines or tow charges
  • Keeping the trailer or ReloCube longer than arranged
  • Failing to return the trailer ramp on time to the service center
  • Not providing required paperwork, like the Gypsy Moth Inspection form
  • Having your shipment banned or seized by Canadian or U.S. Customs
  • Cancelling your move without adequate notice ($50 fee if canceled within one week of the move, $150 if canceled day of)
  • Not being present to sign for the equipment, requiring redelivery
  • Leaving trash or boxes in the equipment

Optional services

Most companies have additional services you can add. U-Pack offers storage, guaranteed transit and moving supplies. None of these would be on your initial moving quote, but you would see them clearly laid out when reserving the move.

Need help reading your moving quote?

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