How to Read Your Moving Quote

Look for these details on your U-Pack moving quote

If you’ve checked prices for a U-Pack move, you may be curious about some of the details on your quote. Whether you’re looking for clarity on how space affects the price or aren’t quite sure when you’ll need the reference number, this overview will help. Get to know the information listed on our quotes and be sure to verify your move details before reserving. Happy moving!  

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Reference number

Each customer is given a unique reference number so we can quickly pull up the move details. Keep it handy when calling us or reserving online! Note that we may add a letter to the end of your reference number if something changes with the move. The original number is still correct — the letters just make sure everyone’s looking at the most recent information.  

Total cost

U-Pack quotes include the equipment, transportation, taxes, fuel and liability coverage. Read more about how U-Pack calculates moving costs.

Equipment type

U-Pack offers two types of equipment: ReloCube®containers and moving trailers. When both are available for your move, you’ll be able to toggle between options to compare prices. We use the size of your home to estimate how much of the equipment you’ll need, but you can adjust the quote if you think you’ll use more or less. The final price will be based on either the number of ReloCube containers you use, or the total linear feet items take up in a moving trailer. You aren’t charged until after loading, so if you need different space use it — just adjust the rate as follows:

Adjusting the trailer price

With the moving trailer option, you can change the quote to show how the price changes as you use more or less space. Your estimated space is based on what we think you’ll need based on your home size, but you can use as much space as you need, down to the 5-foot minimum. If you use less space, your price goes down. If you need more space, we adjust your price accordingly.

Cost for multiple Cubes

Depending on the home size, you might see pricing options for different numbers of ReloCubes. For example, the quote might have one price for 2 Cubes and another for 3 Cubes. You only pay for the Cubes you use, so if you have 3 delivered but end up only using 2, you only pay for 2.

Transportation services

U-Pack is a self-moving service, so our quotes include transportation (including delivery and pick-up of the equipment). We break down this section with the following details:


Most U-Pack moves offer door-to-door delivery, but we also have options where you load or unload at a service center. If the quote says “terminal-to-terminal,” that means you would load and unload at a service center. “Terminal-to-door” and “door-to-terminal” are where you have door service at one end and either load or unload at the nearest service center. The quote will include the location of the service center. Learn more about our delivery options.

Delivery date

We call the date the equipment is initially dropped off the “delivery date.” You typically have three business days for loading, so if there’s a hard move-out date, let us know, and we can adjust the date.

Estimated transit time

We give a range for the number of business days that it will take for your belongings to get from origin to destination. The transit time doesn’t begin until we pick up the equipment after loading. If you have a tight schedule or need your belongings on a particular day, we have guaranteed service available for an additional fee.

Loading or unloading help

U-Pack doesn’t have moving crews, but we can refer you to experienced local labor. The quote will list prices for helpers on both ends of the move.

Need help reading your moving quote?

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