How to Read Your Moving Quote

U-Pack keeps moving quotes simple 

Understanding all the details in a moving quote is one of the most important steps of planning a long-distance move. It’s not just about knowing the price — it’s about making sure you’re comparing quotes from different companies correctly and avoiding any unexpected charges. 

U-Pack quotes are straightforward and easy to follow, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Use our moving cost calculator to estimate your cost, and keep reading to learn what’s included in a U-Pack quote. 

Image of a woman's hands working on a laptop, using paper and pen to understand her moving quote.


Breaking down a U-Pack quote

Once you’ve entered your information (home size, estimated moving time, origin and destination) into our free online quote form, you’ll see an instant quote on the screen. You can also enter an email address so the quote can be sent to you. This allows you to reference the estimate later and make updates. 

Here’s what you’ll see on a U-Pack quote: 

Reference number 

Every quote has a unique reference number. This allows our moving consultants to pull up the details of the move if you need to call with questions or changes. You’ll also need it to make a reservation online. Each time your quote changes, our system adds a letter to the end of the reference number so we can see the changes and access the most recent information.   

Total cost 

U-Pack quotes show the total price for a move based on the details provided. Since the rate includes everything — equipment, transportation, taxes, fuel and liability coverage — you don’t have to worry about surprise charges later as long as the details don’t change. 

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Origin and destination cities

The starting and final cities will be listed at the top of the quote. These cities play a role in the price of your move, so you’ll want to update the information if either is incorrect.

Drop-off date and estimated transit time

The next part of the estimate shows the exact date we will drop off the moving equipment to start loading. You’ll also see an estimated transit time. This is the number of business days we expect it will take to get the equipment to the destination after it’s picked up (transit time currently averages 4-6 business days).  

Note: The drop-off date can impact the cost. You can adjust it online or call a moving consultant to see how a different date will affect the price.

Delivery options 

Below the transit time, you’ll see the delivery type. When available, the default setting is door-to-door service. If door-to-door service isn’t available at your location, you may see an option to load or unload at our local service center, which is typically a money saver! Learn more about U-Pack delivery options

Equipment type 

The quote also includes the equipment type(s) we recommend for the move. U-Pack offers two kinds of equipment: ReloCube® containers and moving trailers. When both are available, you can toggle between them to compare prices, and you’ll see the cost of the option selected on the final quote.  

Other pricing options 

If you request an emailed quote, you’ll see other pricing options (if available) below the selected equipment. The quote may also include information on how the price changes based on switching to a different equipment type or loading or unloading at a local service center. 

Adjusting the estimate

U-Pack suggests space in a moving trailer or a select number of ReloCubes based on the home size you enter in the online form. To see how the price changes with other available options, you can make the changes right on the quote screen. 

Figuring out trailer pricing

We make it easy to see the expense of using more or less space in the trailer. You can select the trailer option and then adjust the number of linear feet using the arrow to the right of the current footage listed to see how the price changes. The minimum space is 5 linear feet, and the maximum is 28 linear feet for one moving trailer.  

Note: If your home is large, we may quote all or part of a second trailer to ensure enough space. 

Explore trailer pricing.  

Changing the number of Cubes 

Based on your information, we’ll recommend the number of ReloCubes needed. We also make it easy to see how much it costs if you need more or less. Select the ReloCube option and adjust using the arrow to the right of the current number. The good news is that U-Pack will pick up unused Cubes at no cost! 

See how much a ReloCube costs.  

Save money with a free reservation

Reserving your move is simple! Just click the “start a reservation” button from the online quote. Even better — you’ll automatically get a $25 discount for booking the move online! Would you rather speak to a person? That’s okay too! Just call us, and a moving consultant will book the move using your reference number. Be sure to mention the code BLOG25 (or enter it online) for an additional $25 off the cost of your move. 

Have questions about a U-Pack quote? 

If you have any questions about reading the moving estimate or the cost of moving, let us know in the comments or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to speak to a moving consultant. We’re available to help!