Frequently Asked Questions about Budget Trucks

Helpful info if you’re considering a Budget truck

Every day, we talk to hundreds of people who are planning a long-distance move. Many are considering truck rental services, like Budget®, and trying to figure out if it’s the best solution for their situation. If that’s you, here are some important details on what to expect from a Budget truck rental, and how it compares to a DIY service like U-Pack — where you pack and load, but don’t have to drive.   

Answers to everything you want to know about Budget truck rental

We’ll look at frequently asked questions in these categories:

  • Truck dimensions
  • Inside the truck
  • Other equipment
  • The Budget rental process
  • Paying for your rental
  • Driving a Budget truck

Budget truck dimensions

What size trucks does Budget offer for moving?

  • 12-foot truck, which holds 1-2 rooms or studio
  • 16-foot truck, which holds 3-4 rooms or a 1-bedroom home
  • 26-foot truck, which holds 5-8 rooms or a 2-3-bedroom home

How big are the trucks?

Budget lists the interior truck dimensions, cubic feet and Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW):

  • 12-foot truck (LWH): 10’ x 6’ 3” x 6’ (380 cubic feet), 10,050 lbs. GVW
  • 16-foot truck (LWH): 16’ x 6’ 3” x 6’ 7” (658 cubic feet), 12,500 lbs. GVW
  • 26-foot truck (LWH): 26’ x 8’ 1” x 8’ 1” (1,698 cubic feet), up to 26,000 lbs. GVW

What is the weight limit for each truck?

Weight limits vary by size:

  • 12-foot truck has a 3,610 lb. weight limit
  • 16-foot truck has a 4,460 lb. weight limit
  • 26-foot truck has a 10,000 lb. weight limit

What is the overhead clearance height?

This is a great information for avoiding limbs, wires and parking garages while driving. The clearance for each Budget truck is:

  • 12-foot truck – 9' clearance
  • 16-foot truck – 11’ clearance
  • 26-foot truck – 13’ clearance

What’s the loading deck height?

To determine the loading deck height, we subtracted the interior height from the clearance:

  • 12-foot truck – the loading deck sits 3’ off the ground
  • 16-foot truck – the loading deck sits 4’5” off the ground
  • 26-foot truck – the loading deck sits 4’11” off the ground

Inside the truck

How many people can fit in a truck?

The 12-foot and 16-foot trucks have room for two people, while the 26-foot truck has room for three.

What’s the inside of the truck like?

The 12- and 16-foot trucks have two bucket seats, and the 26-foot truck has three bucket seats. They’re equipped with air conditioning and AM/FM stereo, and have side mirrors, but no rearview mirror. Most trucks have wood floors and translucent roofs in the loading area.

Other equipment

Can you tow with a Budget rental truck?

Budget offers both car carriers and tow dollies. Both types of towing equipment must be used in conjunction with a Budget rental truck and cannot be rented separately. Learn more about Budget trailers here.

Do the trucks come with ramps?

12-foot trucks aren’t equipped with ramps, but 16-foot and 26-foot models are.

Does Budget offer any other moving equipment?

Budget has pickup trucks for local rental.

The Budget rental process

What do I need to rent a Budget truck?

A valid driver’s license is required for renting a Budget truck.

How old do I have to be to rent a truck?

In most locations, the person renting the truck has to be at least 24 years old. However, some locations allow rental to 18 to 23-year-olds with additional fees and two forms of identification. Members of the military or government with active orders can rent a truck at 18.

Is the reservation guaranteed?

A reservation locks in the rate and shows preference for locations, time and date of rental, and truck size. However, if the equipment that is requested is not available, it may be substituted with another size of equipment. Accessory rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Do I have to add insurance to the truck?

Budget doesn’t require the purchase of their protection plan, but the person who rents the truck is responsible for the truck in the event of damage.

Where do I return the truck?

For one-way moves, the truck is returned to the location specified at the time of reservation. For local moves, the truck is returned to the same location it was picked up from.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

If canceled at least 48 hours before the pick-up time, there is no cancelation fee. There’s a $75 fee for cancelations within 48 hours.

Paying for your rental

How much does it cost to rent a Budget truck?

Costs vary based on location, truck size and move date, and include a set number of days and miles for the rental.

Hoping a coupon will keep costs low? Learn about Budget truck coupons.

Does Budget charge per mile or for extra days?

Beyond the initial miles and days in your rental agreement, additional are available for $70 per day and $0.70 per mile in advance, or $85 per day and $0.85 per mile upon return. Note that some one-way rentals come with unlimited miles — that information is included on the quote. 

Does Budget require a deposit?

Yes. The amount varies by location.  

Do I need a credit card to rent a Budget truck?

Credit or debit cards are preferred, but they will also accept cash or check in person.

Are there extra fees?

In addition to the charges for more miles and days, some possible fees include:

  • Fee for adding multiple drivers (varies from $12-28 depending on the location and length of the move)
  • A $25-per-day surcharge for drivers age 18-23
  • A $75 cancellation fee, if the rental is canceled within 48 hours of pickup
  • An administrative fee for filing a damage claim
  • Fee for insurance and/or the damage waiver

How much does fuel cost?

Fuel costs are determined by the average MPG of the truck, the distance of the trip and average fuel price. Budget trucks get between 6-14 MPG and use either gasoline or diesel fuel. You must return the truck with a full tank.

Read more about Budget truck rental gas mileage.

Driving a Budget truck

How fast can I drive?

Budget doesn’t give a maximum speed for driving a truck unless you’re towing a trailer (in that case, they recommend not exceeding 45 MPH). Remember that a rental truck can be harder to maneuver and stop than a personal vehicle, so it’s necessary to keep the speed at a manageable level for safe driving and obey the posted speed limits.

Do Budget trucks have cruise control?

Budget doesn't recommend using cruise control, so it isn’t available in most trucks.

Can you reverse while towing?

Backing up with towing equipment attached is not advised. Instead, it’s necessary to use pull-through parking spaces.

Compare to U-Pack

If any of the answers to these questions won’t work for your move, U-Pack is a great alternative. It’s a DIY moving service where you do the packing and loading, and we do the driving. Here’s how it compares:

No guessing truck sizes

U-Pack has two types of moving equipment (moving trailers and ReloCube containers), and both are flexible. You either pay for the space you use in a moving trailer or pay for the Cubes you use. You don’t have to figure out what size you need or try to make everything fit. If you need more space, it’s available.

No stress about paying for fuel

U-Pack moves include the transportation and fuel, so there’s no figuring out the MPG and fuel costs. And no surprises when filling up a gas-guzzling truck.

No driving across the country in a big moving truck

U-Pack moves include door-to-door delivery (or you can save by loading or unloading at a service center). So, you can travel in the comfort of your own vehicle without worrying about towing a car or leaving everything you own in a hotel parking lot overnight.

No worrying about extra miles or days

U-Pack moves you quickly. You get three business days to load, and then transportation averages just 2-5 business days. Then you get three business days to unload.  

Wondering what else makes U-Pack different from other truck rental options? Check out this guide to rental truck moves.

Get a U-Pack quote to compare

Get a quote online or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to get a free moving quote from U-Pack. Once you factor in the Budget rental extras like fuel and liability coverage, you might be surprised to see how affordable U-Pack is! If you need help comparing, let us know in the comments.  

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