Frequently Asked Questions about Budget Trucks

Budget truck FAQs

If you’ve never rented a Budget® truck before, there can be a lot of details to figure out — from choosing the right size to understanding how the process works. Find out all about Budget truck rental using the FAQs below, and then compare it to U-Pack®, an affordable alternative to truck rental. 

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Budget truck sizes and dimensions

What truck sizes does Budget offer?

  • 12-foot truck, which holds 1-2 rooms or studio
  • 16-foot truck, which holds 3-4 rooms or a 1-bedroom home
  • 26-foot truck, which holds 5-8 rooms or a 2-3-bedroom home

What are the truck dimensions? 

  • 12-foot truck (LWH): 10’ x 6’ 3” x 6’ (380 cubic feet)
  • 16-foot truck (LWH): 16’ x 6’ 3” x 6’ 7” (830 cubic feet)
  • 26-foot truck (LWH): 26’ x 8’ 1” x 8’ 1” (1,698 cubic feet)

What is the weight limit for each truck?

The weight limit varies by size:

  • 12-foot truck has a 3,610 lb. weight limit
  • 16-foot truck has a 5,524 lb. weight limit
  • 26-foot truck has 9,180 lb. weight limit

What is the overhead clearance height?

Knowing how tall the truck is helps you avoid hitting anything overhead while driving. Here’s the clearance for each Budget truck:

  • 12-foot truck has a 9’ clearance
  • 16-foot truck has an 11’ clearance
  • 26-foot truck has a 13’ clearance

Can I rent a car carrier or tow dolly?

Budget offers both car carriers and tow dollies. Car carriers are for four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicles, and the tow dolly is best for front-wheel drive vehicles. The car carrier has a maximum width of 6’ 7” and holds a maximum weight of 4,055 lbs. Both types of towing equipment must be used in conjunction with a Budget rental truck and cannot be rented separately. Learn more about Budget trailers here.

Pricing and payments

How much does it cost to rent a Budget truck?

Costs vary based on location, truck size and move date, so the best way to determine your price is to get a quote. Quotes are available online or over the phone and include a set number of days for one-way rentals. Additional miles and days are available for $70 per day and $0.70 per miles in advance, or $85 per day and $0.85 per mile upon return of the equipment. Note that some one-way rentals come with unlimited miles, so check your quote to see what you’re getting.

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Do they require a deposit?

Yes, but the type and amount varies by location. The deposit will be refunded if you return the truck in good condition and meet the requirements in the rental agreement. 

Do I need a credit card?

Credit or debit cards are preferred, but you can pay in the form of cash or check. Reservations made with cash or check must be made in person at a Budget location. 

Are there any additional fees?

In addition to the charges for extra miles and days, some possible fees include:

  • Additional driver fees (varies from $12-31 depending on the length of the move for one-way moves; $12 for local moves)
  • A $25-per-day surcharge for drivers age 18-23 
  • A $50 cancellation fee, if the rental is cancelled within 48 hours of pickup
  • An administrative fee for filing a damage claim
  • Fee for insurance and/or the damage waiver

How much will fuel cost?

Fuel costs are determined by the average MPG of the truck, the distance of the trip and average fuel costs. Budget trucks average between 6-14 MPG and use either gasoline or diesel fuel. 

The ins and out of using a Budget truck

What do I need to rent a Budget truck?

You need a valid driver’s license. Most Budget locations have an age requirement of 24 years old, but some locations allow customers 18-23 to rent with additional fees and two forms of identification. Members of the military or government with active orders can rent a truck at 18. 

Can I rent a moving truck for state-to-state moves?

Budget offers both one-way and local moves. A move where you pick up the truck at one location and return it to another location is called a one-way move. 

Do the trucks come with ramps?

The 12-foot trucks do not come with ramps. The 16-foot and 26-foot models do. The ramps have a 1,000 lb. weight limit. 

Is the reservation guaranteed?

A reservation locks in your rate and shows preference for locations, time and date of rental, and truck size. However, equipment can be substituted based on availability. Accessory rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis.

How many people can fit in a truck?

All Budget trucks have two seats. There are no 3-, 4- or 5-passenger trucks.

How fast can I drive?

Budget doesn’t give a maximum speed for driving a truck unless you’re towing a trailer (in that case they recommend not exceeding 45 MPH). Remember that a rental truck can be harder to maneuver and stop than a personal vehicle, so keep the speed at a manageable level for safe driving and always obey the posted speed limits.

Do budget trucks have cruise control?

When driving unfamiliar equipment, it’s best to be fully alert and in control. Because of this, Budget trucks may not have cruise control. Call your local dealer to ask about cruise control availability.

Compare to U-Pack

If a Budget rental isn’t ideal for your situation, check out U-Pack®. It’s a “you pack, we drive” service that’s easier and better than truck rental. And even though we do the driving, it’s often compared to truck rental because of the affordable rates (especially after you factor in the cost of fuel). 

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Do you have questions that weren’t answered here? Leave a comment and we’ll find the answer for you. 

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