Budget Trailer Rental

Using a Budget trailer during a move

If you’re thinking about getting a trailer from Budget® Truck Rental, there are two main things to know: they only offer trailers for hauling vehicles and they require you to pull the trailer with one of their trucks. Let’s dive into the details.

Budget Trailer Rental


Budget auto towing equipment: size and specifications

Budget offers both car carriers and dollies for people who need to tow a vehicle:

  • Budget car carriers have a maximum width of 6’7” and a maximum weight capacity of 4,055 lbs. They’re recommended for four-wheel and all-wheel-drive vehicles since the entire car rides on the trailer.
  • Budget dollies can carry a maximum car width of 76” and a maximum weight of 3,600 lbs. for all-wheel, four-wheel or rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and 3,300 lbs. for front-wheel-drive vehicles. They’re recommended for front-wheel-drive cars since they carry the front of the vehicle.

Requirements to rent a Budget trailer

To rent a trailer from Budget, you’ll also need to rent at least a 16-foot truck. Their smallest truck (the 12-foot) cannot tow a vehicle. The company also recommends purchasing Auto Tow Protection to get coverage for loss or damage to your personal vehicle. You’d need to purchase their protection plan to cover damage to the rental truck or trailer. Check out this price example to see how much it costs to tow a car.  

Because you have to rent a trailer with a truck, all other rental requirements still apply. Read these Budget FAQs to learn about deposits, how old you need to be, and what payment methods they accept.

Explore an alternative

Instead of pulling your car behind a Budget truck, consider an alternative method that lets you drive to your new home in the comfort of your vehicle. U-Pack is a self-moving service where you pack and load (like you would with a rental truck), but you don’t have to drive with all your belongings.

Rates include the moving equipment, transportation, fuel and liability coverage — and prices often compare to rental trucks (even before you add the cost of the trailer). Get a moving quote online or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077.

Still interested in renting a trailer? We’ve got more info about one-way trailer rentals here.