PODS® Container Sizes Comparison

Disclaimer: Trailer storage is temporarily unavailable due to limited capacity. ReloCube storage is still available in most locations.

What are the different PODS® container sizes? 

PODS® offers three different container sizes — 7-, 12-, and 16-foot — to move anything from a small apartment to a large home. While getting one container delivered may seem convenient, the lack of flexibility could lead to paying for the wrong one. Instead, it’s often better to use a company that lets you reserve as many as you think you’ll need and only pay for what you use. Compare PODS® sizes to learn more, and then see how U-Pack could make your move more affordable.  

How big are PODS® containers?  

Take a look at the size, dimensions and weight capacity for each option. Note that the 12-foot container is only available for local moves. If you’re moving long-distance, you’ll use either the 7- or 16-foot options.  

7-foot PODS® container 

  • 7' x 7' x 8' (LWH) 

  • Holds 1 room of furniture and boxes 

  • 5,200 lbs. weight limit 

12-foot PODS® container 

  • 12' x 8' x 8' (LWH) 

  • Holds 2-3 rooms of furniture and boxes 

  • 4,700 lbs. weight limit 

16-foot PODS® container 

  • 16' x 8' x 8' (LWH) 

  • Holds 3-4 rooms of furniture and boxes 

  • 4,200 lbs. weight limit 

PODS® does not list any interior dimensions.  

You may have noticed that the largest container has the smallest weight limit. This is likely due to how much the pickup and delivery equipment can safely lift. The larger container weighs more when empty, so less weight can be added during the move.   

 image showing three different moving containers: The 12-foot PODS® container, the 16-foot PODS® container and the 7-foot PODS® container

Note: While you can reserve multiple PODS® containers, you’ll pay for each one — even if you don’t use them all. And since availability varies by location, you may not be able to reserve the exact size you need. Keep reading to see how U-Pack takes those worries away! 

How U-Pack containers compare 

U-Pack has two types of equipment for long-distance moving and storage: ReloCube containers and moving trailers. The equipment is flexible — you only pay for the space you use (either space in a trailer or number of ReloCubes).  


U-Pack ReloCubes are similar in size to a 7-foot PODS® container

The ReloCube® is similar in size to a 7-foot PODS® container. You can reserve one or as many as you think you’ll need and pay for only what you use. 

  • 6' x 7' x 8' (LWH) 

  • Holds 1 room of furniture and boxes 

  • 2,500 lbs. weight limit 

Learn more about Cube size and what will fit inside.  

Moving Trailer 

the U-Pack moving trailer is bigger than the biggest PODS® container

The U-Pack moving trailer has a loading capacity similar to a 16-foot PODS® container plus a 12-foot PODS® container. And they’re great for any size move because we divide the trailer into linear feet. You can use as little as 5 linear feet or up to the entire trailer. Here’s the total size: 

  • 28' x 8' x 9' (LWH) 

  • Holds up to a 4+ bedroom home 

  • 22,500 lb. weight limit 

Get more details about U-Pack trailer size.  

Compare services, costs and more 

As you can see, U-Pack offers similar container sizes to PODS®, but equipment isn’t the only important factor in a move. Check out this full comparison of PODS® and U-Pack to see the similarities, differences and compare rates. Or if you're ready to do your own comparison, get a free moving quote from U-Pack to check prices for your move. 

If you have any questions about how U-Pack equipment compares to PODS® storage container sizes, leave a comment below. We’re here to help! 

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