Comparing PODS® Competitors

Looking for a PODS® alternative?

If you’ve looked into PODS® for your move, you may be wondering if other companies provide a similar service. They do! Take a look at three of the main PODS® alternatives and compare their containers, locations and services.

Person looking at miniature houses with a magnifying glass, signifying finding the differences between PODS and their competitors.


Explore different PODS® competitors

While many companies provide portable storage services, these three are most similar to PODS®:
•    1-800-Pack-Rat®
•    U-Haul® (U-Box®)
•    U-Pack® (ReloCube®)

Take a look at the similarities and differences in this quick snapshot:

Comparing each competitor to PODS®

There are three things most people want to know about companies that offer this service:

1.    The size of their containers
2.    How the service works
3.    What areas they cover 

Let’s start with PODS®, and then see how it compares to 1-800-Pack-Rat, U-Haul and U-Pack


PODS® has three container sizes, but only two are available for long-distance moves: 7’ x 7’ x 8’ and 16’ x 8’ x 8’. Their core service is moving and storage. There are PODS® locations in most states, but typically they provide service in larger cities and the metro areas. So more remote locations may not be serviceable. 


1-800-Pack-Rat offers 16-foot and 8-foot containers constructed of steel for long-distance moves. They also have 12-foot containers, used primarily for local moves. A standard 1-800-Pack-Rat move can take up to 30 days (10 days offered to load and unload, and 10 days for transit), and storage is also available. Their service area is a bit smaller, with 62 markets in 30 states.


In addition to truck rental, U-Haul offers a moving and storage solution with their U-Box container. Unlike other PODS®alternatives, the U-Box is made of wood rather than metal and comes with a soft, tarp-like covering. It’s 8’ x 5’ x 7’6”, with the door opening on the 5’ side. You can move and store in a U-Box, and there are two options for transport: they can move it, or you can haul it yourself.  U-Haul’s service area is nationwide, but not all locations may carry the U-Box. 


U-Pack offers a metal, weatherproof container called a ReloCube®, which is 6’ x 7’ x 8’ (with the opening on the wider 7’ side). It sits at ground level for easy loading and unloading. U-Pack specializes in long-distance moving, with storage available if needed. Transit times are fast, averaging just 2-5 business days for cross country moves. Take an even closer look at PODS® compared to U-Pack

Have a larger home? U-Pack has another equipment option, the moving trailer, which is 28’ long. You pay for the space you use, making it ideal for moves of any size.

Which PODS® alternative should I use?

The best option for your move will depend on your specific circumstances. Things like how much storage time you need, how fast you need delivery and how much you’re moving can make a difference.  Check out this complete guide to portable storage services to learn more, or leave a comment below with any questions! 

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