Ryder Truck Rental

Can you use Ryder trucks for a personal move? 

In the past, Ryder® offered rental trucks for personal moves, but that’s not the case anymore. Since 2019, their equipment has only been available for commercial business customers for round-trip use. If you used Ryder for a personal move in the past and were hoping to rent from them again, don’t worry. U-Pack® can help with comparable DIY moving options for your out-of-state relocation. 

How does Ryder equipment compare to U-Pack

While the equipment sizes are not identical, U-Pack can offer similar or larger loading space to Ryder trucks and enclosed trailers with our ReloCubes and moving trailers.

Ryder Trucks  Equivalent U-Pack Equipment 
Sprinter van  1-2 ReloCubes or 5-10 linear feet in a moving trailer 
Box Truck 3-4 ReloCubes or 12-13 linear feet in a moving trailer 
Straight Truck 5-6 ReloCubes or 21-22 linear feet in a moving trailer 
Enclosed Trailer 1-2 28-ft moving trailers  

Here’s how those loading spaces break down: 

Ryder 14-ft sprinter van vs. U-Pack equipment 

  • 547 cubic feet of loading space  
  • 2 ReloCubes = 618 cubic feet or 8 linear feet
    in a moving trailer = approximately 600 cubic feet 

Ryder 16-ft box truck vs. U-Pack equipment 

  • 960 cubic feet of space 
  • 3 ReloCubes = 924 cubic feet (4 = 1,232 cubic feet) or
    13 linear feet in a moving trailer = approximately 975 cubic feet 

Ryder 26-ft straight truck vs. U-Pack equipment 

  • 1,600 cubic feet of space.  
  • 5 ReloCubes = 1,540 cubic feet (6 = 1,848 cubic feet) or
    22 linear feet in a moving trailer = approximately 1,650 cubic feet 

What about an alternative for Ryder enclosed trailers? 

Ryder also offered 53-ft enclosed trailers that had to be hauled by a commercial tractor. If you need that size equipment, U-Pack moving trailers would be the best fit for your move. Our 28-ft trailers offer flexibility — just use what you need and only pay for the space filled (down to a minimum of 5 linear feet). The price will be adjusted up or down based on the per-foot rate listed on the quote. It’s that simple! You can reserve more than one U-Pack trailer to ship your belongings if you need more than the 1,944 cubic feet of loading space available in one trailer.  

Get a quote today  

U-Pack’s free, no-obligation quotes include everything: the equipment, transportation, fuel and liability coverage. Get a quote online or by calling 844-362-5303844-594-3077.

Still wondering if U-Pack is right for you? See how we compare to truck rental, and let us know in the comments if you have any questions. We’re happy to help!  

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