Ryder Truck Rental

Looking for Ryder rentals?

As you start looking at rental truck options for an upcoming move, you might be thinking about using a Ryder® truck. Unfortunately, Ryder no longer offers trucks for personal use — which means you’ll need to find another solution. Keep reading to learn about options similar to renting a truck from Ryder to find the best choice for your move.

Note: Ryder now only offers vehicles to rent for commercial use (details are available on their website). The company’s commercial trailer rental options include dry trailers, flatbed trailers, refrigerated trailers, refrigerated city vans, stake trucks, and single- and tandem-axle tractors.

Alternatives to Ryder trucks

Previously, Ryder offered three main vehicles for household goods moves:

  • The Sprinter Van: a light-duty van with 547 cubic feet of loading room (held 1-2 rooms).
  • The Box Truck: a lightweight rental truck suitable for moving into or out of urban areas. This truck was 16 feet long and came with either a lift gate or ramp (held 3-4 rooms).
  • The Straight Truck: a truck that came in sizes up to 26 feet, depending on location. It had a lift gate and a 14-foot loading ramp (held 5-8 rooms).

While these sizes are similar to what you’ll find with other truck rental companies (read our truck rental comparison guide to learn more), the best alternative may be U-Pack®, where the space is flexible and you only pay for what you use. If you were interested in the Sprinter van option from Ryder, our ReloCube moving container is the perfect alternative. And if you needed more space, you can use multiple Cubes or the space you need in our 28-foot moving trailer.

And the best part is: you don’t have to drive! Pack and load your items into a moving trailer or container, and we’ll deliver it to your destination, so you don’t have to worry driving the rental truck — all at a comparable rate. Learn more about how U-Pack works here.

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