Hertz Truck Rental

Looking for Hertz® truck rental? 

If you’re familiar with Hertz from the rental car counter, and you’ve thought about checking them out for a long-distance move, you may need to reconsider. While they do have cargo vans and pickups trucks, they’re only available in select areas for small moves. So, what do you do if that equipment doesn’t work or Hertz doesn’t have trucks in your area? U-Pack is a great alternative. With nationwide coverage and multiple equipment options, there’s a solution for you. Discover what U-Pack offers compared to what you were looking for with Hertz. 


How U-Pack compares to Hertz Truck Rental 

The only trucks Hertz offers are standard cargo vans and medium and large pickup trucks, which aren't designed with long-distance moving in mind. They’re only big enough to hold boxes and a piece or two of furniture. So, they refer customers who are looking for a large moving truck to Penske®. But, of course, that requires driving a big, bulky truck across the country and paying for fuel. U-Pack is still a much more convenient alternative, with solutions for any size move!   


U-Pack offers two types of moving equipment: ReloCube containers and moving trailers. Cubes are portable storage containers with ground-level loading, similar in space to a cargo van (Cubes have 308 cubic feet of loading space and Hertz cargo vans have around 300 cubic feet). You can use one or several — depending on the size of your move — and you only pay for the containers you use.  

If you were looking to rent a large Hertz moving truck for a bigger move, the U-Pack trailer is a good fit. They’re 28’ long, and you can use however much space you need inside (down to a five linear foot minimum).   

Service and cost 

With both options, U-Pack makes moving much more convenient! We deliver the moving equipment right to you, you load your belongings inside, and then we do all the driving. And prices often compare to truck rental — especially when you consider that truck rental doesn’t include the fuel or liability coverage. Get a free moving quote from U-Pack to check rates for your move.  

Need more information to compare? 

Since you were originally looking for a rental truck, you might need some more details about U-Pack to help you decide on the right service for your move. Learn more about how U-Pack compares to truck rental, including cost comparisons and FAQs. And if you have any questions, leave a comment or give us a call 844-362-5303844-594-3077.


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