Hertz Truck Rental

Does Hertz® rent moving trucks?

If you’re looking to rent a moving truck from Hertz, chances are you’re having a hard time finding what you need. That’s because Hertz no longer offers moving trucks in the United States and Canada. Instead, Hertz refers customers to Penske® Truck Rental.

Learn more about Penske moving trucks in this resource or keep reading for details about another way to move.

An alternative moving solution

There’s no getting around the challenges of a long-distance move. Why not make it easier? U-Pack® is a great alternative to truck rental because it offers comparable low prices — and you don’t have to drive.

Here’s how it works: You pack and load a moving trailer or container, we pick it up and deliver it to your new home in just 2-5 business days, you unload, and then we pick up the empty equipment. It’s a fast, convenient and hassle-free solution that doesn’t require you to drive a large, unfamiliar truck long distance.

Get a free online quote to see how much your U-Pack move would cost, and for more information, check out this guide on moving in a one-way rental truck.


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