Are Car Seats Allowed in Rental Trucks?

Keeping children safe on the way to a new home 

Parents want to keep their kids as safe as possible all the time, especially when they’re moving to a new place. But what should you do about vehicle safety when you’re relocating and using moving equipment? Is it okay to use your child’s seat in a moving truck like a U-Haul®? While it’s not against the law for kids to ride in a rental truck in the U.S., there are safer ways for them to travel. Keep reading to learn about a better alternative and what to do if traveling in a moving truck is your only option. 

Dad and child playing in the cab of a rental truck.


Should kids ride in a moving truck? 

While most companies like U-Haul don’t have rules that prohibit kids from riding in the trucks, they will advise you to follow state laws regarding safety. Each state has laws regarding seatbelts and child safety seats, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) lists those along with fines for violations. All 50 states require infants and young children to ride in an appropriate car seat. 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the safest place to install a child safety seat is in the back seat using the vehicle’s LATCH system (always use the top tether for forward-facing seats). Or use seatbelts if no LATCH system is available in the car, van, SUV or extended cab pickup truck. 

Moving trucks typically seat two people or sometimes three if you can find a model with a bench seat. None of these rentals will have back seats, and LATCH systems are not standard equipment in moving trucks, so they shouldn’t be your first choice to transport your young kids. 

A better way to move with children 

You don’t want to worry about putting a car seat into a moving truck, and using a company like U-Pack® is an easier way to move with kids. We’re a DIY moving service where you do the packing and loading, then we handle the driving so your family can travel together in the safety and comfort of your own car.

What if I have to take my child in a rental truck? 

If you’re traveling alone and must take your child in a rental truck, you’ll want to follow the best practices for transporting children in the front seat of a vehicle:

  • disable the airbags (these can cause serious injuries to kids) 
  • move the vehicle’s seat as far away from the dashboard as possible 
  • make sure safety seats are properly installed  

Many moving trucks won’t have the option to disable the airbags, so you’ll want to confirm the features available in each truck with the rental company. You can also visit your local police or fire station for a child safety seat check to make sure it is properly installed if you’re unsure.  

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