Are There Rental Trucks That Seat 4 People?

Will a moving truck hold my family?

It’s nice to ride together when you’re moving, but rental trucks just aren’t made with families of four or more in mind. If you’re traveling with kids or pets, you likely won’t have room in a rental truck since even the largest ones don’t have extended cabs. That’s why it’s great to have other DIY moving options available so you can travel in comfort.

Family of four outside a rental truck, wondering if they can fit inside.


How many people can ride in rental trucks?

While it’s easy to rent a regular car or truck that seats four people, moving trucks can only hold two or three people (if you can find a larger one with a bench seat). None of them have full cabs with back seats.

U-Haul®, Budget® and Penske® truck seating

Between U-Haul®, Budget® and Penske®, truck sizes range from 10’ to 26’ in length and seat two or three people. If you have three passengers, you’ll have to skip the 10’ U-Haul truck that only seats two. Three people can ride in Budget’s 26’ truck, and Penke has the extra seat in their 22’ and 26’ trucks.

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No 4-seat moving truck available?

There’s a better option than trying to cram your family into a two-or three-seat moving truck cab. With U-Pack®, you pack and load, and then we’ll handle the driving at a price that’s often cheaper than moving truck rental. Then you and your family can travel together in your own vehicle. Get a free quote online or give us a call at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to discuss moving options with one of our consultants.  

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