U-Haul Truck Sizes

Don’t get stuck with the wrong size U-Haul truck

Like other truck rental companies, U-Haul® offers several truck sizes to help you find the perfect fit for your move. And while that may seem like a convenient solution, it can also bring up a lot of questions: what exactly will fit in a U-Haul? Will I be able to get my belongings up the ramp? Is one size better than another for towing my car?

We’ve broken down the details of each U-Haul truck size to help answer those questions and more! Check out the FAQs below to settle on the right option (and see if U-Haul is the best choice after all).

U-Haul truck size FAQs

What truck sizes does U-Haul have?

According to their website, U-Haul has five truck sizes for long-distance moves: 10-foot, 15-foot, 17-foot, 20-foot and 26-foot. They previously offered 24-foot trucks, but that size is no longer listed.

What will the 10-foot truck hold?

The 10-foot truck is the smallest one U-Haul offers. It’s designed for moving studio apartments or homes with 1 bedroom. The opening of the 10-foot U-Haul is large enough for a king-sized mattress, but you may need more space if you have other large furniture. Also note that this truck size only has seating for two adults, so it may not be the best option if you have more people and need everyone to ride together.

What fits in the 15-foot U-Haul?

The 15-foot truck is recommended for moving a 1-2 bedroom home or apartment. Since it’s 5 feet longer, 1 foot taller, and 1 foot, 4 inches wider than the 10-foot truck, this option provides a little more room for furniture and boxes. Heavily furnished homes may still need a larger size, though.

What truck size should I get for a 2-3 bedroom home?

Both the 17-foot and 20-foot U-Haul trucks are advertised for homes with 2-3 bedrooms, making it a little difficult to choose between them. U-Haul recommends the 20-foot truck for “growing families,” so it may be the best option if you have kids or just want the assurance that everything will fit.  

What will fit in the largest U-Haul truck?

The largest truck size U-Haul offers is the 26-foot truck. It’s recommended for 3-5 bedroom homes, so it should accommodate the furniture and belongings from most households. If you need more space, you’ll need to rent another truck or go with a moving option more suitable to large families.

How big is the loading ramp for a U-Haul truck?

Every U-Haul truck except for the 10-foot option comes with a loading ramp. The ramps range from 2 feet, 2 inches wide for the 15-foot truck to 2 feet, 7 inches wide for the 26-foot truck. Keep the ramp width in mind when choosing a truck — large pieces of furniture and some moving dollies may not work well on the smaller ramp.

Which U-Haul should I get if I’m towing a car or trailer?

Each truck size has the capacity to tow a vehicle or trailer, but there may be some restrictions based on the vehicle you’re wanting to tow. Learn more about U-Haul trailer sizes to see what guidelines are in place and how you can find the right option for your needs.

What is the Mom’s Attic® and how does it change the loading space?

The Mom’s Attic® is the space above the cab of the U-Haul. It’s designed to hold items you don’t want to store with everything else (like fragile items that may get damaged if things shift). Every truck but the 10-foot one has it, so keep that in mind when determining your space needs. The length of the truck includes the Mom’s Attic®, so you’ll want to use deck measurements to see if furniture will fit inside.

How does the gas mileage change with each truck size?

Most U-Haul sizes get 10 MPG, but other factors can impact the mileage you actually get. Read more about U-Haul gas mileage to learn what to expect.

What should I do if I’m still not sure what size U-Haul to rent?

If you’re stuck between sizes and set on using U-Haul, it’s typically best to go with the largest size you think you may need. While you can wind up paying for space you don’t use in a bigger truck, getting one that’s too small can cause even more issues — having to leave stuff behind or even getting a second truck (which will require a second driver). Or you can avoid those issues by using a moving service that makes it easy to adjust space (and your price) as you load. Enter U-Pack®.

U-Pack makes it easy to get the right equipment size

If you want a simple solution to choosing moving equipment, consider U-Pack. We’re an excellent alternative because you don’t have to worry about choosing between several truck sizes. Instead, space is flexible, and you only pay for what you use. Check out how U-Pack compares to moving in a rental truck to learn more.

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