U-Pack vs. Pack-Rat®

Is Pack-Rat the best choice for your move? 

Moving container services like 1-800-Pack-Rat® are designed to make moving more convenient. But what can you expect from Pack-Rat’s service? And would another option be a better fit? Below we’ll take a look at things like equipment size, how they charge and how long a move takes. Then, we’ll compare them to U-Pack to help you make the best choice for your move.  

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What to expect from Pack-Rat moving and storage 

While 1-800-Pack-Rat does both local and long-distance moving, we're only including information on long-distance options here. 


Pack-Rat offers three container options, but availability varies based on location:

  • 8-foot Pack-Rat container (holds 1-2 rooms worth of furniture with 404 cubic feet of space) 

  • 12-foot Pack-Rat container (holds 2-3 rooms of furniture with 620 cubic feet of space) 

  • 16-foot Pack-Rat container (holds 3-4 rooms of furniture with 830 cubic feet of space) 

While you can use multiple containers, you will have to pay for all of the ones you reserve — whether you use them or not. So, you’d want to make sure to estimate space correctly and avoid reserving more than you need. Exact dimensions aren't listed online, so determining the right size and planning for parking can be a challenge. 


Pack-Rat is in 30 states and Washington, D.C. The facilities are located primarily in metro areas, and there could be extra fees for rural delivery if they offer service to the area. 

Moving costs 

While getting an online quote isn’t an option, you can give some information online to begin the process. You would then need to call with the quote ID to get pricing.


For a long-distance move, a $500 deposit is required five days before delivery. The remaining amount due has to be paid before transport. If additional storage time is needed, the fees are charged monthly.  


Pack-Rat moves include 30 days of use, which covers loading time, transportation and unloading time. Transit time averages 7-10 days (expedited service is available for an additional charge) and any remaining time can be used for storage if you need it or want to get the full value. 

Compare 1-800-Pack-Rat to U-Pack  

U-Pack specializes in long-distance moves from one state to another. Check out the details of our service: 

Flexible containers 

We offer two types of equipment, but our ReloCube containers are most similar to what you’ll find with Pack-Rat. ReloCubes are 6' x 7' x 8' with ground-level loading. Each Cube can hold one room's contents with 308 cubic feet of space, and they fit into a standard parking space. You can use as many as you need, and we’ll only charge for the ones you use. 

Learn more about U-Pack equipment options to determine what works best for your move.  

Nationwide coverage 

U-Pack has over 240 service centers covering all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Because our primary transportation provider, ABF Freight®, delivers to big and small cities across the country, we can move you just about anywhere!

Transparent pricing 

Getting a quote is easy! Get pricing online or over the phone. It includes the equipment, transportation, fuel and liability coverage. You can also check rates for monthly storage and optional loading and unloading help if you need it. If you're looking to save even more on your move, let us know — we also have lower-cost options where you can load and unload at a service center.  

Easy payment 

We’ll need a card on file to reserve your move, but nothing is charged until after you load (since prices depend on the space or number of Cubes you use). If you add storage, that will be charged monthly. 

Quick transit 

U-Pack gives you three business days for loading, and then your belongings start traveling. The average transit time is just 2-5 business days, followed by three business days to unload.  

If you need more loading or unloading time, you can keep the equipment over the weekend — those days don't count! Get settled faster with U-Pack.  

Check U-Pack rates and compare costs to Pack-Rat

Get a U-Pack quote online or call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to compare prices. If you have questions, leave a comment below. We're happy to help! 

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