U-Pack® vs. 1-800-Pack-Rat®

What type of service does 1-800-Pack-Rat® offer? 

From their locations across 30 states (plus Washington, D.C.), 1-800-Pack-Rat® offers local and long-distance moving and storage — mostly in U.S. metro areas. Keep reading to learn more about the company and how their long-distance moving services compare to U-Pack®, which services all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. 

How do I get a quote? 

To get a quote from Pack-Rat, you have to enter your information online to get a reference number. Then you must follow up by calling them or emailing customer service to get a price.  

With U-Pack, the quoting process is much easier. Just enter your information and get an instant online quote. Or give us a call and we’ll give you a price over the phone.  

What container sizes are available? 

Pack-Rat offers two containers* for long-distance moves: 

  • 8-foot: 404 cubic feet of space (1-2 rooms of furniture) 
  • 16-foot: 830 cubic feet of space (3-4 rooms of furniture) 

*They offer a 12-foot container for local moving only. 

U-Pack also offers two options for long-distance moves: 

  • ReloCube® moving container: 308 cubic feet of space (1 large room) 
  • 28-foot moving trailer: Reserve by linear foot (5-foot minimum)  

With Pack-Rat, you’ll have to pay for any delivered container whether you use it or not, so make sure to pay attention to the amount of space you’ll need. U-Pack only charges for the containers you use, so you’re free to reserve as many as you might need. 

How much does 1-800-Pack-Rat cost compared to U-Pack

To help you compare pricing between Pack-Rat and U-Pack, we looked at a studio apartment move from Charleston, SC, to Cambridge, MA, in August 2022. 

Pack-Rat’s price 

One 8-foot moving container: $2,447.66** ($2,135.36 for container delivery plus $312.10 for 30 days of storage) 
**Additional fuel charges may apply. Actual costs will vary. Prices were accurate at time of posting in August 2022. 

U-Pack’s price 

For the same move, U-Pack recommended one ReloCube at $2,196 for door-to-door delivery. Need storage? It was only an extra $150 per Cube for each 30-day period. 

Interested in our other equipment option? U-Pack quoted 5 linear feet in a moving trailer for $1,765 for door-to-door delivery for this move. (Storage is not currently available for moving trailers.) 

While actual moving costs will vary, these prices were accurate at time of posting, and U-Pack doesn’t charge extra for fuel! 

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Do I have to pay a deposit with 1-800-Pack-Rat? 

Yes. Pack-Rat requires a deposit to book your move and multiple payments. 

What about with U-Pack

With U-Pack, payment is simple. There’s no deposit, and you only pay once after your items are in transit. 

Compare prices for your move 

At U-Pack, we have over 25 years in long-distance moving experience and would love to help with your move. Get your free quote online or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to speak to one of our moving consultants.  

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