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U-Pack vs. Pack-Rat®

August 17th, 2018 - 10:55 AM

Comparing moving services: 1-800-Pack-Rat® and U-Pack

At first glance, portable storage containers offer everything you want in a move: easy loading, no driving and plenty of options. And while many companies offer this type of equipment, the key to choosing the right service is to find the one with the best solution for your situation. Two commonly compared options are 1-800-Pack-Rat and U-Pack. Start with the big picture and narrow down into the specifics to figure out which one is the right match for your move. 

U-Pack and 1-800-Pack-Rat containers

Pack-Rat vs. U-Pack: the big picture

Both services bring a metal moving container to you, have you pack and load everything inside, and then deliver the containers to the new home. But when looking at the details, there are some notable differences. Check out this chart for a quick comparison:

Chart comparing U-Pack and Pack-Rat

Start with container sizes

The first point to consider is the size of the equipment. Pack-Rat has three container sizes: 8-foot, 12-foot and 16-foot. They may not be offered in every location or for all moves, so it’s important to confirm availability before reserving. 

  • The 8-foot Pack-Rat will hold 1-2 rooms of furniture with around 400 cubic feet of space 
  • The 12-foot will hold 2-3 rooms with 620 cubic feet of space
  • The 16-foot will hold 3-4 rooms with 830 cubic feet of space  

You can use multiple Pack-Rat containers, but make sure you need them before delivery — once they bring them to you, you pay for them.

Pack-Rat two container sizes

U-Pack has one moving container: The ReloCube. It’s 6’ x 7’ x 8’ and holds the furniture and contents of one room. You can reserve as many as you think you need, but you don’t pay for the containers unless you actually use them.

U-Pack ReloCube size

We also offer a 28’ moving trailer that’s just as flexible as using ReloCubes. You can load into as little as five linear feet or as much as the entire trailer, and pay for the space you use.

U-Pack trailer size

The moving timeframe

Another big difference is the amount of time it takes to move. When using 1-800-Pack-Rat, you use the container for 30 days (including loading, unloading and transportation). U-Pack works a little faster.

U-Pack gives three business days to load, and average transit times are just 2-5 business days. And then there’s three business days to unload. You can get from start to finish quickly, so you can start a new job or school without waiting too long for everything.

Tip: If you need more time for loading or unloading, U-Pack can deliver the equipment on a Thursday or Friday, giving you the weekend for no extra fee!

Need more options?

If the basic move needs a little tweaking to fit all your requirements, both Pack-Rat and U-Pack have options. Both companies can refer you to a network of moving crews for help loading or unloading.

If you need storage, both offer it, but options may be limited depending on the location. Pack-Rat has locations in 32 states and Washington D.C., covering 60 different cities. They provide moving services near those metro areas, and storage only at those warehouse facilities.

U-Pack has a nationwide network of over 230 service centers, serving all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Storage options include short-term or long-term storage at one of our service centers. 

The last step: comparing prices

The rates and payment terms vary between Pack-Rat and U-Pack. Pack-Rat prices depend on factors like origin, destination, container size and number. Long-term storage rates vary in different locations. Pack-Rat requires a $500 deposit the day before delivery, and the rest of the price is due before transportation begins. 

U-Pack prices are based on similar things, but there’s no down payment required. With U-Pack, you don’t pay until loading is complete, so we know how many containers or how much space you’ve used.

To get a price, Pack-Rat requires that you either fill out a form online and then call or just call. They don’t offer online instant quotes. U-Pack gives you a free quote online or by phone at 800-413-4799

Still not sure which is best?

One last way to compare moving and storage from 1-800-Pack-Rat with U-Pack is to look at customer reviews. Try sites like yelp.com, the Better Business Bureau or Facebook to hear from actual customers. Read U-Pack Facebook reviews here; you’ll find that U-Pack is known for excellent customer service and easy moving. 

Since the two services are similar in how they work, the details like price and customer service matter. If you need help getting a U-Pack quote, comparing it to a Pack-Rat price, or have any other questions, please let us know. Leave a comment below or call for assistance. We’re happy to help!

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