Compare Two Men and a Truck to U-Pack

Can Two Men and a Truck meet your long-distance moving needs?

If you’re planning to relocate, you might be curious about Two Men and a Truck® and what they have to offer. Let’s explore their options and compare those services to U-Pack® to help you make the best choice for an out-of-state move.

Here’s what to expect from each company at a glance:

Company Standard Moving Equipment Service area Loading/Unloading Deposit required
Two Men and a Truck 26' L truck
7'5" L x 3'11" W x 7'5" H cardboard shipping crate
46 states, Canada, Ireland and the UK. Included Yes
U-Pack 28' L moving trailer
6’3” L x 7’ W x 8’4” H metal ReloCube®
All 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada Not included* No

* U-Pack can refer you to a local moving crew if you need help.

How do Two Men and a Truck services work?

Because each Two Men and a Truck franchise is independently owned and operated, total costs and services can vary greatly between locations.

All Two Men and a Truck rates include loading, unloading and transportation, but you may see different service options for long-distance moves:

  • Expedited. Most locations offer what they call expedited long-distance moving. For this service, Two Men and a Truck provide a truck with two workers to handle the move.
  • Value Flex®. Select locations offer their Value Flex long-distance moving option. With this, they load your things (up to 1,000 lbs.) into a cardboard shipping crate and transport it on a third-party carrier. This option takes a bit longer since the containers are handed off to a different company for shipping. Customers are given a 5-business day window of when to expect their belongings to arrive, but an exact delivery date can’t be guaranteed.

They currently serve 46 states, Canada, Ireland and the UK.

How does U-Pack service compare for long-distance moves?

Unlike Two Men and a Truck, U-Pack prices and services are consistent across every location. And we serve all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico and Canada.

U-Pack rates include the equipment, transportation and fuel.

We offer ReloCube® moving containers or space in a 28’ moving trailer. Our flexible service options include:

  • door-to-door delivery
  • guaranteed transit
  • 3 business days for loading and 3 more for unloading
  • storage (based on availability)

With our moving options, you only pay for the space you need. With our ReloCubes, you can reserve as many as you might need and only pay for the ones you use. We’ll pick up the extra empty Cubes at no cost! Our Cubes are constructed of metal, making them more durable and weather resistant than the cardboard Value Flex crate, and they hold up to 2,500 lbs. of belongings.

And if you’re using our moving trailer, you can use the minimum of 5 linear feet up to the whole length of the trailer.

How does storage work with Two Men and a Truck and U-Pack?

Both Two Men and a Truck and U-Pack offer storage, but it works differently with each company.

Two Men and a Truck will move your belongings to a storage locker (which requires unloading and reloading) or unload into local self-storage facilities.

Select Two Men and a Truck locations have portable wood or metal containers available. While these containers are designed primarily for extra on-site storage for homes or businesses, a few locations may offer shipping services for them.

U-Pack ReloCubes can be conveniently stored at a local service center (based on availability) until you’re ready for delivery. Our customers rest easy knowing that less handling means less chance for damage to their stuff.

How do the companies determine moving costs?

Each Two Men and a Truck location determines rates based on mileage between origin and destination and the weight of the shipment. They also require a deposit upon booking the move, which may vary between locations. Other factors that can influence pricing include flights of stairs, the time it takes to load or unload and the distance to and from the truck at the origin or destination.

U-Pack doesn’t have so many pricing variables. Plus, we only charge for the space used, not the weight of the belongings. And we don’t require a deposit to book a move. You don’t pay until your things are in transit!

Want more information about costs? Check out our guide for the cost of moving companies.

How do you get quotes?

For quotes with Two Men and a Truck, you’ll have to provide an inventory list and weight estimate of the belongings you’re moving when you request the quote online or by phone. You’ll likely still need a visit from a moving representative to finalize the pricing.

Two Men and a Truck recommends an in-home estimate for:

  • Homes over 1,500 square feet
  • Moving out of state
  • Bulky items like safes or pianos
  • Homes with narrow hallways or doors
  • Places where a moving truck cannot park close to your home

For this process, a representative will visit your home, look at the things you’re moving and estimate the weight. Whether you or the representative provide the estimate, if the actual weight is heavier, the charge may increase for the move.

U-Pack offers quotes online or by phone. We don’t require in-home visits or inventory lists, and you’ll know your total cost upfront without any surprises later.

Make the best choice between Two Men and a Truck and U-Pack

If you need help getting a U-Pack quote, or if you have questions about how we compare to Two Men and a Truck, give us a call at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 or leave a comment below. We’re happy to help!

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