Bekins® Van Lines Comparison

Explore options for full-service moves: Bekins Van Lines® vs. U-Pack®

As a traditional moving company, Bekins Van Lines handles almost every part of a move: a trait you may find appealing. So why compare them to U-Pack, which is a DIY moving service? Because we can offer a similar move at a fraction of the price. Take a look at what you can expect with a move from Bekins®, and then find out how U-Pack stacks up.

Moving with Bekins

Bekins is a full-service commercial and residential moving service. They offer loading, transportation, unloading, full and partial packing services, and storage-in-transit. To move with them, you’ll need to set up an in-home estimate with one of their agents. During that visit, the Bekins mover will estimate the weight of your shipment by taking a survey of your belongings, and then talking with you about the moving services you need. On moving day, a driver and crew will arrive to load your belongings and get them on the road. 

What about U-Pack?

At its core, U-Pack is a self-moving service. We bring moving equipment, you pack and load, and then we deliver it to your new home (or store it until you’re ready). To make the move more similar to full-service, we’ll refer you to local moving crews for loading and unloading. Adding this service can still be cheaper than moving with a full-service company like Bekins!

See how Bekins prices compare to U-Pack

Every move is different but looking at a sample move will help show how prices compare. We got quotes for a two-bedroom home moving from Dallas, TX to Atlanta, GA. Quotes were obtained on July 9, 2020, directly from both companies’ websites. Note that the Bekins quote was a ballpark price (where they give the low and high end of what the move might cost). 

  • Bekins gave a ballpark price for this move (loading, transportation and unloading) between $3,533.50 and $4,585.96. Adding services like packing or storage would increase that price. 
  • U-Pack quoted 13 linear feet of space in a moving trailer (recommended for a home this size) for $2,068. You could add loading help (2 helpers for 2 hours) for $418, and the same amount of unloading help for $352. So, for loading, transportation and unloading, the price would be $2,838That’s $695 below the low-end estimate from Bekins!

Comparing the details

Beyond the cost, there are some additional things to consider when comparing these moving services. 

Local agents vs. locations

For Bekins, moves are handled by individually owned and operated moving companies that have local agents. These local agents act on behalf of Bekins moving service, but they could all have their own policies, procedures and reviews.

U-Pack has over 240 service centers across the county, all under the same operation. That means our procedures are the same no matter where you’re moving to or from. 

Estimates vs. quotes

Bekins provides four different types of estimates, so make sure you know which one you’re getting:

  • Ballpark estimate. A range of prices depending on the size of your home and the services needed. Final costs depend on shipment weight.
  • Non-binding. An approximate price based on the estimated weight of the shipment. The actual cost depends on the final weight of the items after packing and loading.
  • Firm-binding. A specific price that won’t change even if the actual weight is different. This rate would only increase if you add services or items not discussed during the estimate — so don’t forget about anything in storage when you get your in-home visit from an agent.
  • Option-binding. A maximum price based on the estimated weight and moving services. If the actual weight is less than expected, the costs will decrease. They would only go up if there are items or services not initially discussed.  

U-Pack gives free moving quotes online, and you know everything upfront. Rates are based on the space you use instead of the weight of the items, and the quote will tell you how much your move will cost based on the amount of space you use in the trailer or the number of containers you use. Quotes will also show costs for loading and unloading help so you can choose to add it if needed. 

Transferring your belongings

Bekins will combine household goods shipments going in the same direction so trailers travel as full as possible. This means your shipment may be taken out of the original equipment, moved into a warehouse, and then reloaded into another trailer. Each time your belongings are moved, the chance of damage increases.

With U-Pack, your items stay right where you (or the moving crew) load them. We fill the rest of the trailer with commercial goods headed in the same direction to save on transportation costs, but yours is the only household goods shipment on the equipment — no worries about co-mingling. 


Bekins uses 53’ trailers for their moves, which requires quite a bit of parking space. If you don’t have room to park it, they can utilize a shuttle to load your belongings —an extra cost, and an additional transfer of your items. 

U-Pack trailers are 28’ long (just 3-4 car lengths), and our ReloCube containers are 6’ x 7’ x 8’ and fit into a standard parking space. If you don’t have room to park, you can load at a service center.

Delivery dates

When you get your Bekins estimate, the local agent will give you a delivery spread date based on their current schedule. Since multiple shipments may be on the same trailer, you might have to wait for others to get loaded and unloaded before yours gets delivered. The delivery spread date is the time frame they expect your shipment to arrive for unloading.

U-Pack gives three business days to load, and then your belongings hit the road. Our trailers move quickly, with cross-country transit times averaging just 2-5 business days. You can even guarantee the delivery date if that’s important to you. 

Check rates for your move between Bekins Van Lines and U-Pack

The only way to really compare costs is to get quotes for your move. Get a free moving quote online from U-Pack or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077, and a moving consultant can help.

Learn more about how U-Pack compares to other full-service movers. If you have any questions, leave a comment below or give us a call! 

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