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Atlas Moving Compared to U-Pack

June 3rd, 2016 - 1:04 PM

Atlas moving company

When moving long distance, you might consider Atlas® Van Lines, a full-service moving company. While full-service movers offer the convenience of doing all the work for you, this luxury comes at a price. U-Pack is a great alternative for individuals or families moving on a budget. With U-Pack, you do the packing and loading and we do all the driving. Let’s compare U-Pack to Atlas and see which one is the better option for your move.

Atlas moving company

Getting a quote​​

It’s natural to research moving services and their prices before making a decision. While both U-Pack and Atlas need some personal details to generate a free estimate, getting a quote from Atlas movers requires your name, email address and phone number along with the origin and destination, household size and approximate date of the move. By submitting this information, you agree to be contacted by phone, email and text message at any point. It’s also important to note that this is only an estimate. If you choose Atlas moving, there are other steps you have to take to determine an accurate cost.

U-Pack’s free online quotes are easy. Until you’re ready to reserve the move, you don’t have to provide a name or phone number. Just tell us where you’re moving from and to, provide an approximate move date and residence size and enter an email address. It’s a simple process that doesn’t involve any commitment.

U-Pack prices vs. Atlas prices  

Because Atlas moving is a full-service company, you’ll be paying someone to do all the work – and labor costs can quickly add up. That’s why you’ll notice a substantial price difference between U-Pack and Atlas quotes. To illustrate pricing, let’s pretend we’re moving a three-bedroom home from Phoenix, AZ to Denver, CO during mid-June (peak season for both companies).

For this example, Atlas moving company quoted a price of $4,300 (includes full-value protection and transportation). U-Pack comes in at $1,441 (includes driver, fuel, sales tax, road tolls, liability coverage and transit time). That’s a difference of $2,859. Notice how doing the packing and loading can save a lot of money!

If loading and unloading assistance is needed, consider asking family and friends to help out. If that’s not an option, you can reserve loading/unloading help when you book with U-Pack. We refer our customers to Moving Staffers.  If you add this help, the cost will be included in your quote. Using the example above, adding labor to your U-Pack quote is still significantly cheaper than Atlas movers. Check it out:

Moving from Phoenix to Denver with U-Pack with loading and unloading help:

  • Base price = $1,441
  • Loading = $358
  • Unloading = $495
  • Total = $2,294

Using loading/unloading help still saves you more than $2,000! That’s definitely something to consider.

Note:  Both companies base their prices on the current rates for peak-season moves. Rates change daily and depend on where, when and how much you’re moving.

U-Pack storage vs. Atlas storage

It’s not unusual to need storage when moving cross country. Travel issues, delayed house closings or even starting a new job can lead to needing more time before having your items delivered. Atlas offers local storage or storage-in-transit (SIT) to help with these situations. For local storage, you’ll need to contact an agent to discuss options. With SIT, your belongings are put into storage at the Atlas warehouse. An agent unloads the items from the truck and places them in storage containers (they’ll stay there until you’re ready to receive the shipment). While this might sound like a great storage option, keep in mind that every time a shipment is handled after the initial loading, the chances of loss or damage can increase by 80 percent. That’s why companies like U-Pack store items in the moving equipment, just how you loaded them!

Here’s how storing with U-Pack works:  

  • Choose between trailer storage or ReloCube® storage
  • Load your items into the equipment
  • We pick up the equipment and store it until you’re ready for delivery
  • When you’re ready for delivery, we drive the equipment to your home
  • You unload

Our equipment is both weatherproof and secure and the items are never touched or removed. Rest easy knowing your belongings will remain in the trailer or Cube exactly as you loaded them.   

Call a U-Pack moving consultant at 800-413-4799 to discuss the options available in your area.

Note: Storage options are an additional cost for both companies. 

Weight vs. space factor

Atlas moving, like other full-service movers, charges based on weight. So while you’re busy preparing for the move, you’ll need to set aside extra time to have an agent do an in-home estimate. Keep in mind that the final cost is determined by the actual weight (the difference between the weight of the empty truck and the weight of the full truck) so the in-home estimate still isn’t exact. This means you’ll get two price quotes (online and in-home) before knowing the full cost. Make sure you leave some room in your budget in case your items weigh more than expected.  

U-Pack charges for the space you use in the trailer or the number of ReloCubes you use. Our space estimator tool helps you determine how much space you’ll need so you can make a reservation. From there, the power is in your hands! Unlike weight (which is impossible to change without getting rid of things), space is flexible. Stacking items on top of each other or putting items in drawers instead of leaving them empty can help you save money!

Here’s how U-Pack pricing works:

  • Quotes are based on an estimate of how much space you’ll need (we have online tools and knowledgeable moving consultants who can help with the estimate).
  • Each trailer quote includes a “per foot adjustment rate” so you know how your price will change for every linear foot (add it for every additional foot you use or subtract if you use less space). ReloCubes are priced by the unit.

This means if you’re quoted for 17 linear ft. in the trailer and only use 15 linear ft., you’ll only pay for the 15 ft. Or if you reserve three Cubes, but only use two, you’ll only pay for two. U-Pack customers appreciate being able to control the price by packing and loading well!

More reasons to choose U-Pack over Atlas Van Lines

Our transit times. Most full-service movers have average transit times of 2 to 4 weeks. U-Pack’s estimated transit times are 2-5 days.

We never combine household shipments.  Atlas movers commingle household goods. This means multiple families’ belongings share a truck going in the same direction. When moving companies transport multiple families’ things, there’s a greater risk of loss and mixture. Average claim rates in the full-service moving industry are 20-25 percent.

U-Pack doesn’t commingle, unload or transfer household goods at any point during the move. After loading the trailer, you’ll install a secure divider wall called a bulkhead. Because you’ll lock the bulkhead after loading, it isn’t removed until you unlock it, which means items are never mixed. Any unused space is loaded with commercial goods headed in the same direction. If you’re using a Cube, you’ll place a padlock on the doors and keep the key.  

U-Pack moving vs. Atlas moving: Which to choose?

It’s clear that U-Pack offers great options when up against full-service movers. Let us move you cross country quickly, safely and inexpensively. Compare your free moving quote from U-Pack with a quote from Atlas Van Lines. If you have additional questions about comparing U-Pack to Atlas, call a U-Pack consultant at 800-413-4799 or leave a comment below. We’re happy to help!  


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