How Long Does It Take To Pack

When should you start packing for a move? 

Deciding when to start packing for a move can be challenging whether you’re a first-time or seasoned mover. And while the task itself can seem daunting, having a plan can make it manageable (and even fun). The moving experts at U-Pack® answer customer questions every day, and we’ve gathered info about the average time it takes to pack a home and some tips to help speed up the process. Be sure to review our tips to help you pack like a pro before you get started! 

Having moving supplies ready makes it take less time to pack.


How long does it take to pack a house? 

It depends on the size of your home and how many people are working on packing. Bigger homes take more work, so you’ll typically need at least a week. Smaller homes might only take a few days.  

Professional movers can usually pack a room in a couple of hours, but 4-6 hours per room is a better estimate if you do the work yourself. 

Here are some general timeframes: 

Home Size  Estimated time to pack 
Studio or 1-bedroom apartment  1 day 
1-bedroom  1-2 days
2-bedroom home 2-3 days
3-bedroom home 3-5 days
4-bedroom home 4-6 days
5-bedroom home 7 days


Making a packing schedule  

The best way to stay on track is to make a packing schedule. Look at how many days you have until moving day and plan which rooms to pack each day. 

As you budget time, remember that rooms with a lot of stuff, like the kitchen, might take longer than rooms with only a few items. Don’t forget to include any extra spaces like attics, basements or storage units when you figure out the time needed for packing. If you have fragile collections or other things that need special care, allow extra time for proper packing. 

Example packing schedule for a 3-bedroom home: 

Day 1  Guest bedrooms, storage areas 
Day 2  Primary bedroom 
Day 3  Living room 
Day 4  Bathrooms, Kitchen 
Moving day  Overnight bags, last-minute items (toiletries, medications, pet food, etc.) 


Ways to save time while packing 

If you need to pack in a hurry, there are some ways to save time. Turn on some music to get your heart pumping and prepare to work hard. Try our playlist for saying goodbye for some good tunes. 

Ask for help 

Getting assistance is the best way up the packing process. Ask family or friends to help during a packing party or consider hiring moving labor.  

Have the right supplies on hand 

Before you start, make sure to have plenty of packing paper, tape and boxes so you won’t have to waste time running to the store. Use this moving box guide to determine how many boxes you’ll need. 

Specialty boxes, like wardrobe and dish pack boxes, can speed up the process because they’re easier to use with specific items. For example, you can hang clothes inside a wardrobe box instead of taking them off hangers. 

Focus on one room at a time 

It’s more efficient to tackle an entire room rather than bounce around the house, so finish one area before moving to the next. Every completed room will help you feel motivated to keep going. 

Handle items only once 

While it’s tempting to carefully sort items before you start, it isn't always possible if you’re trying to pack quickly. When you’re in a hurry, it’s best to avoid touching each item more than once. Have bins ready for trash, donate and sell piles — and take them room to room with you. When you come to something you don’t want to keep, place it in the proper container to save time. 

Still planning your move? 

Packing is only one step of the process. Try our moving checklist to keep track of the tasks as you go. Need a mover to help you move out of state? U-Pack can help! Request a free quote online or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to check prices and availability.