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Getting ready to leave Hazlehurst, Georgia? With stunning scenery, friendly folks, and locally-sourced poultry and produce, living in Hazlehurst is the ultimate small-town dream. And though saying goodbye may be tough, exciting new adventures await!

If you need a hand with your move, consider U-Pack®. Our DIY service lets you control your move from start to finish, but you won’t have to drive a big truck. Instead, we do that for you. We have nationwide coverage, and transit times that average 4-6 business days. Start your move from Hazlehurst with a free online quote.

Hanging out in Hazlehurst

Though a small town, Hazlehurst is a world of its own. With natural, southern beauty, delicious home-cooking and local boutique shopping, there’s plenty of fun to have. Spend the day hanging out in your hometown one final time. Here are some ideas:

  • Go canoeing, kayaking and fishing at the Altamaha River. The Nature Conservancy named it one of the 75 Last Great Places on Earth, and you’ll see why after exploring it for the day!
  • Bullard Creek Wildlife Management Area is the perfect place for bird watching, camping, hunting and wildlife viewing. You’ll feel one with nature as you roam through the beautiful forestry. 
  • Take a break from packing and head to one of the city’s three parks — Mary Frazier McLean Community Park, Buddy Spann Park or Weatherly Park. All three are ideal spots for picnics, kite-flying and hiking. 
  • Moving with kids? They’ll love a day spent at the Hazlehurst Water World Splash Pad! Open spring to fall, the splash pad is a popular hang-out for families to cool off. 
  • If you’re looking for the best burger in Georgia, look no further than the Manna Café and Eatery. Their juicy, thick beef burgers are locally processed, fresh and made to order.

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