Moving from Atlanta, GA to Orlando, FL

Moving from Atlanta to Orlando

If you and you’re family have made the decision to move from Atlanta to Orlando, you can expect to enter a world full of fun and entertainment.  Orlando (a.k.a. “Hollywood East”) is rich with theme parks, water parks, and so much more.  As you leave Atlanta and drive south for 440 miles, you’ll reach your new home in nearly 7.5 hours.  Here’s a little more on what you can expect to find once you’ve completed your move:

  • Climate:  As both cities are located in the south, you’re in for minor climate changes.  Both Atlanta and Orlando are considered to lie in humid subtropical/tropical climates.  In Orlando, you can expect to experience two distinct seasons a year – hot and rainy, warm and dry.  The average winter lows hover in the 50s while winter highs stay in the 70s.  The area does have a considerable hurricane risk, but many hurricanes weaken before reaching the area. 
  • Geography:  Atlanta, sitting atop a ridge south of the Chattahoochee River, is a region dominated by modern and postmodern architecture.  Upon entering Orlando, you’ll find it’s aptly named the “City Beautiful” because of its amazing surroundings.  A region made mostly wetlands, Orlando has many lakes and swamps (the largest lake is Lake Apopka).  It’s located only 44 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and only 77 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico. 
  • Economy:  After moving from Atlanta to Orlando you’ll leave behind major corporations like Coca-Cola, United Parcel Services, and Delta Air Lines for companies like Mitsubishi Power Systems, GE, AT&T, Boeing, and an endless list of others.  Its close proximity to Patrick Air Force Base, Kennedy Space Center, and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station allows residents to easily commute to and from work.  Tourism is also a vital part of Orlando’s economy with Sea World, Walt Disney World Resorts, Universal Studios, and many other fabulous attractions.  The area hosts more than 51 million tourists per year. 
  • Housing Costs:  When moving from Atlanta to Orlando, it’s important to know what you’re facing in way of housing costs.  Average housing in Atlanta is $234,511 while in Orlando averages at $207,322 which is a savings to you of $27,249.  You can also expect to save a little on rental property going from average rental prices of $950 to $835.  Bottom line?  A move to Orlando puts money back into your bank!

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Moving from Atlanta to Orlando just makes sense.  Even though Atlanta is only one of ten “alpha-world cities” in the nation, Orlando is still full of incredible career choices for your family.  While the many attractions found here are considered to be the backbone of the city, Orlando is about more than theme parks.  This beautiful area offers its residents an exciting life complete with many adventures.

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