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Moving from Macon

Macon is a mid-sized city in the heart of Georgia. Its history runs deep, and its sun shines bright. A variety of health care options, seasonal festivals and institutions for learning makes Macon a terrific place to live. If you’re heading to the city, you’re in for a real southern treat. If you’re moving away, we know you’ll miss the charm. But no matter which way you’re going, U-Pack® can get you there!

After you finish packing and loading, we’ll deliver your belongings to your new home. It’s a convenient and affordable way to move long distance. And with more than 240 service centers (including one in Macon, GA), we can move you wherever you're headed!

Robins Air Force Base

Robins AFB is 10 miles south of Macon. As the largest industrial complex in Georgia, thousands of soldiers move in and out of the area regularly. If you have PCS orders from Robins, U-Pack can help. We’re dedicated to providing our service men and women with a smooth transition! 

‘Macon’ Memories

Macon offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor adventures. Whether you’re going or coming, these fun activities will leave you with many lasting memories.

  • A day spent at Amerson River Park is a day well spent. You can kayak or canoe the Ocmulgee River and see some of Georgia’s most stunning sunrises and sunsets.
  • Tour the Ocmulgee National Monument and learn about the prehistoric Native Americans who once lived there. The site preserves more than 10,000 years of Indian culture.
  • If you love the theater, you’ll enjoy attending a Broadway show, concert and other live performances at the Grand Opera House. The theater opened in 1884, and at that time, it was the biggest stage in the American Southeast.
  • Sports fans should visit the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame. It’s the country’s largest state hall of fame, spanning 43,000 square feet. Have fun touring the exhibits and interacting with the basketball, football and NASCAR simulators.

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