Moving from Atlanta, GA to Denver, CO

Are you considering moving from Atlanta, Georgia to Denver, Colorado?

Denver, or the “Mile-High City,” as it is nicknamed for it’s elevation of one mile above sea level, is located in northern Colorado. Sitting on the South Platte River, Denver is the 23rd most populous city in the U.S. and the third most populous city in the American Southwest after Phoenix, and El Paso.  West of the city lay the Rocky Mountains, which create a beautiful setting of foot hills that surround the city. Denver, on average, is much times cooler than Atlanta during the summer, and there is always a blanket of snow each winter, much unlike Georgia. You will never regret making the move from Atlanta, GA to Denver, CO.

What is Denver’s weather like?

The weather in Denver is known for being erratic, caused by its location next to the Rockies. Overall the climate is very sunny, averaging about 300 sunny days annually, with summer highs often seen in the mid-80s. Like Atlanta, there are often spontaneous thunderstorms in the summers, with few days breaking 90 degrees. December is considered the coldest month of the year, with lows usually recorded in the upper 20s.  Winter in Denver is known for periods of cold and snow, alternating with milder weather as a result of Chinook winds, or warm air that blows across the plains from the mountains. Much unlike the sweltering summer highs of the lower 90s seen in Atlanta, Denver has a cooler summer, offering much more time for outside playtime. Winter in Denver is also very different than winter in Atlanta, especially with the super cold air, and several inches of snow that come in from the Rocky Mountains.

Denver culture and city life

Since its founding, Denver has been a center for the arts, outdoor recreation, and a liberal lifestyle. There are several nationally recognized museums located in Denver, including the Denver Art Museum, by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, and the second largest performing arts center in the nation after Lincoln Center in New York. There is also the bustling neighborhood of LoDo, just outside of downtown, with several galleries, restaurants, bars, and clubs which all help to make Denver be considered as the best city for singles for the third year in a row. Much like Atlanta, Denver is also known internationally for its cuisine ranging from authentic Mexican, and a wide pallet of Native American dishes, to southwestern cowboy dishes. Living in a place like Denver, you could never get bored, and you could only feel more than comfortable living in a city so much like Atlanta.

Outdoor and recreational life

Given its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, plus its generally mild and sunny climate, Denver is very well known for its outdoors lifestyle. You can easily take a weekend to go camping, hiking, or canoeing in the summer, and skiing in the several resorts in the winter. This outdoors lifestyle is very uncommon in a place like Atlanta where the summer days are often scorching hot, and most people try to stay inside as much as possible. There are also over 200 public parks in Denver, ranging from mini-parks, to the largest park of 314 acres; there are also 29 centers for public recreation. Alongside the parks within Denver, there are also 14,000 acres maintained outside the city as mountain and state parks. In comparison, even considering how green the city of Atlanta is, Denver has almost twice the number of parks within the city, and at least four times the acreage of Atlanta’s parks outside Denver. 

What is the economy like in Denver?         

Overall, Denver has a gross metropolitan product of $157.6 billion, making it the eighteenth largest metropolitan economy in the country! The largest reason for the impressive Denver economy is the fact that Denver is the largest city within 500 miles, making it the biggest location for goods storage and transportation. Denver has also maintained its economy in the wake of the 2008 recession, so much that in 2013 the city was ranked as the sixth best city in the nation for small business and careers by Forbes magazine. Atlanta, on the other hand, has suffered a large blow since the recession, and has only recently slightly recovered. For instance, the amount of families in Atlanta living below the poverty line is around 20%, with the median family income estimated at $56,000, while Denver has a poverty level of 14%, and a median family income of over $64,000. 

Welcome to Denver, CO!

Denver, Colorado is known around the county for its cool summers, amazing food, outdoorsy lifestyle, and progressive attitude. You will have a totally different life in your new home without giving up any benefits of living in a big city like Atlanta! You will absolutely love your new home in Denver, CO!

How to Move from Atlanta to Denver

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