Moving from Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ

Discover all you need to know about moving from Atlanta to Phoenix

If a job transfer, military relocation, education opportunity, or new marriage has you moving from Atlanta to Phoenix, here’s some information on what you can expect once you arrive in “the Valley of the Sun.”  Both cities are the capital and largest cities of their respective states, and both cities have a similar housing market with minimal differences in housing costs ($235,000 Atlanta, $242,000 Phoenix).  After traveling 1,806 miles to move to Phoenix, you’ll undoubtedly notice you’re in store for a major lifestyle change.  Be prepared to leave behind the green lawns and oak trees for red rock and palm trees.

The difference in demographics after moving from Atlanta to Phoenix:  Atlanta is home to 420,003 residents and is considered the center for black wealth with a new growth of Hispanic and Asian populations.  When moving to Phoenix, your new population will be more than triple with a residency of 1,445,632 and is considered to be the anchor of the Phoenix metro area.  The local demographics are heavily influenced by a Hispanic and Latino heritage.

Changes in climate and geography:  As you leave Atlanta’s humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers, cool winters, and abundant rainfall, be ready to experience Phoenix’s subtropical desert climate.  You’re already used to summers with extreme heat, but the good news is you can leave the intense humidity in Atlanta - less humidity makes the hotter temperatures more bearable.  The average annual high temperature in Phoenix is 85 degrees Fahrenheit and sunshine is in abundance.  The regions geography is substantially different as well; Phoenix is located in the Salt River Valley and surrounded by the McDowell Mountains, the White Tank Mountains, and the Superstition Mountains.   The beautiful climate and majestic scenery make Phoenix the ideal city for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or lounging by the pool.

The economy change-up:  Atlanta is known as the economic center of the Atlanta metro area, and Delta Air Lines is the largest employer.  However, Phoenix won’t let you down in the way of career opportunities.  It’s home to seven Fortune 500 companies like Allied Waste, Avnet, Apollo Group, PetSmart, etc., and has a strong military presence with the Luke Air Force Base.  As the state capital and home of Arizona State University, government agencies and education also play large roles in the local economy.

Activities and Entertainment Venues:  Once you’ve moved from Atlanta to Phoenix, you’re in store for a wide array of exciting activities.  Phoenix is the place to be to explore the great outdoors as you bike, hike, or run your way along paths adorned by blooming cactuses and wildflowers.  The area is no stranger to relaxation with its many resorts, golf courses, spas, and shopping venues to choose from.  Phoenix is also one of only 13 cities with franchises in all four major professional sports leagues:  Phoenix Suns (NBA), Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB), Arizona Cardinals (NFL), and Phoenix Coyotes (NHL).          

You won’t be disappointed when moving from Atlanta to Phoenix.  This community is laden with some of the best museums, art galleries, superb dining, breathtaking beauty, and stimulating entertainment the southwest has to offer.  This sunny metropolis is the heartbeat of Arizona. U-Pack can help with your long-distance move. It's easy: you do the packing and loading, and we do all the driving. Explore our service centers and learn more.