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Chattanooga is a scenic, bustling city located on the banks of the Tennessee River. From lots of opportunities for outdoor adventure to exploring historical sites, this Tennessee city has a little something from everyone. But if you’re planning a long-distance move away from Chattanooga and are searching for moving companies, consider U-Pack®! With nationwide coverage, we can move you to almost anywhere in the States, Canada or Puerto Rico.

5 Facts About Chattanooga

Whether you’ve only lived here for a few years or for much longer, you may not know everything about the city you’ve called home. Here are some fun facts about the city you may not be familiar with:

  1. The city is home to one of the world’s longest pedestrian bridges. The Walnut Street Bridge, built in 1891, is 2,376 feet in length, making it one of the longest bridges of its kind on Earth.
  2. You can see seven different states from here. It’s true! If you climb to the top of Lookout Mountain on a clear day, you’re able to see Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia and, of course, Tennessee, all at once!
  3. Chattanooga is a climbing destination. Speaking of climbing mountains, did you know climbers flock to Chattanooga? Thanks to the city’s variety of hiking and climbing locations, climbers from all over the world come to take part. Besides the natural, outdoor structures, the city also has several indoor climbing facilities.
  4. It’s the birthplace of the MoonPie. Bakers at the Chattanooga Bakery created the snack cake in 1917.
  5. There’s a “Spaceship House” here. Inspired by the UFO craze of the late 1960s, a man named Curtis King built a spaceship-shaped home for his son in 1973. The 2,000-square foot, three-bedroom, two-bathroom house still stands today on a wooded mountain lot outside of Chattanooga.


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