Moving from Atlanta, GA to New York City, NY

Trading Peaches for the Big Apple

No matter why life has you planning a move from Atlanta to New York City, you’re going to experience some changes. While some of the differences may leave you yearning for the past, most of them can be positive. Yeah, you might have to search for a while to find sweet tea and collards in the big city, and you may not hear as much country music playing. But other than that, you can look forward to certain changes after moving.

After moving to New York from Atlanta, you’ll experience changes in …

The weather

New York experiences a cooler climate than Atlanta, but the biggest change in this long-distance move is in the snowfall you’ll see. Atlanta may get a dusting of snow, but winter weather is mostly ice. New York receives an average of 20 inches of snow each year, but don’t worry, moderate snowfall doesn’t really impact travel or day-to-day life. While the overall temperature is cooler, there’s a phenomenon called the urban heat island, where the buildings, human activities and traffic contribute to ambient heat in the heart of the city. This can make the city feel warmer than normal during summer, but it also keeps it warmer during the winter, helping people not feel so cold when walking around outside in 30-degree temps. Even with this warming effect, you’ll want to invest in winter gear like hats, coats, gloves and boots for snowy days. 

The lifestyle

While both Atlanta and New York are major metropolitan areas, they feel drastically different. New York moves at a faster pace, but it may also be easier to navigate. There are many more options for public transit, and New York is incredibly walkable. New York is also more expensive. And when you combine that with the higher population density, you’ll find that most people live with roommates to split costs. 

One major perk of life in New York is the endless entertainment, dining and recreation options. If it exists in the world, it probably happens in New York. You can see any type of music show, eat food from most cultures in the world, do athletic activities (both indoor and outdoor), visit museums covering endless topics and more! 

In terms of the economy, there are many jobs available in the city, from corporate to more casual shift work. Many people do side gigs or have second part-time jobs for extra income, so you might be thinking of a way to turn something you enjoy into a profitable venture in your spare time. There are also lots of ways to make extra cash through a “gig economy” like ride-sharing, task completion and more. 

The culture

New York is known for arts, culture and heritage. Many cultural movements have their origins here, from the Harlem Renaissance to abstract expressionism painting. It’s home to more than 200 museums and 2,000 professional performance groups, and it’s also the heart of the worldwide fashion industry. The Big Apple is also known for education. There are 1.1 million students enrolled in the public schools here, with magnet schools specializing in everything from performing arts to pre-med. New York also has one of the highest concentrations of residents with college degrees. And if you are looking to get a degree or an advanced degree, there are many colleges and universities available.

Welcome to New York!

As the Alicia Keys song goes, it’s the concrete jungle where dreams are made! Find the U-Pack service center nearest your home to start planning your move today. 

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