Moving from Atlanta, GA to Seattle, WA

The Differences from Coast to Coast

With more than 2,635 miles between them, Atlanta and Seattle are geographically far apart. They are also very different socially. While both are big cities, Atlanta is part of a Southern metropolis with a booming economy. Seattle has a mix of local businesses and technology innovation on the waterfront.

But moving from Georgia to Washington won’t be a complete culture shock. Take a look at what to expect during your cross-country move and explore U-Pack service centers

The Emerald City Basics

What comes to mind when you think of Seattle? Rain? Grunge music? Big businesses like Microsoft and Amazon? All of those are accurate assumptions, but there’s so much more here! One distinct difference between Atlanta and Seattle is the waterfront. In Seattle, you can enjoy the piers, the beaches and the ferries. Because of the industry in Seattle, you’ll find average income levels to be higher than in Atlanta. But so are housing costs, so you may not see much of a difference. Seattle is a city of neighborhoods with unique districts offering everything from quiet family neighborhoods around schools and parks to shopping districts. 

Much like Atlanta, there are endless entertainment options here. If you loved cheering on your team, you can find one you love in Seattle. There’s the Seahawks (NFL), Sounders (MLS), Storm (WNBA), Reign FC (NWSL), and Mariners (MLB). Or if you enjoy theater and music, more than 15 venues offer Broadway tours, regional performances, comedy, and more. 

Benefits of Life in Seattle

These are some of the best things you’ll find after moving from Atlanta:

  • Outdoor fun. In the summer, hiking and biking are popular, but fantastic experiences happen in the winter. Either south to Mount Rainier or north in Canada, you can go skiing, tubing, sledding, or even take a snowshoe walk. Those are things you couldn’t do in Hotlanta!
  • Seafood. Being surrounded by water, Seattle is a seafood town. Fresh oysters and salmon are local favorites. For the freshest fish, visit Pike Place Market and pick out the catch of the day. The fishmongers will throw the fish from the counter to be wrapped up for purchase. It’s as fun as it is delicious.
  • Coffee. Loving coffee is practically required for Seattle residents. Enthusiasts can find local coffee shops all over, and Seattle is also the home of Starbucks. You can visit the original, but many locals enjoy their Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room.
  • Transit options. One of the most significant benefits over Atlanta is the multitude of transportation options. It’s easier to get around Seattle. Depending on where in the area you’re headed, you can choose from the monorail, light rail, water taxi, or ride- and bike-sharing. Much of the city is walkable, as well.
  • Cooler weather. Seattle has a more temperate climate, with milder summers. It does rain more, and you’ll see more clouds, but there aren’t as many severe storms, and tornados are rare. 

What are you waiting for? Discover all of these advantages and plan your move to Seattle today! 

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