Moving from Atlanta, GA to Austin, TX

Moving from Atlanta, GA to Austin, TX
When you begin to think about leaving behind a fast-growing city like Atlanta, you start to wonder what you can expect in Austin, Texas. For one, you can expect it to be a little less crowded. Austin’s metro area population is about a third the size of Atlanta’s. But, Austin has just as much to offer and you will not find a lack of things to do. In Austin, you’ll discover a diverse culture, friendly southern charm, nice neighborhoods and a thriving music scene.

What you can expect from a move from Atlanta to Austin
If you’re driving from Atlanta to Austin in your personal vehicle, you’ll be traveling around 950 miles, which is about 15.5 hours on the road. Your drive will take you through cities like Montgomery and Mobile, Alabama; Gulfport, Mississippi; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Beaumont and Houston, Texas.  Baton Rouge is the mid-way point and a great place to stop and rest. You might as well explore the flavors Baton Rouge has to offer. A few of the most popular restaurants are: The Chimes (Seafood); Tsunami Sushi; Juban’s Restaurant (Creole); Superior Grill (Mexican); and Chelsea’s Café (Southern).

The weather in Austin
You’ll be happy to hear that your current wardrobe will suffice for your move from Atlanta to Austin. Because both cities are in the South, the weather will not change much. Both cities have hot summers with mild winters, although Austin may have a rainier spring than you’re used to.  Luckily, a raincoat and rain boots may be the only new additions you’ll need to add to your wardrobe.

Austin Transportation
Similar to the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), Austin offers safe public transportation throughout the city via the MetroBus or MetroRail, although the fare for Austin’s transportation is cheaper at $1 per ride. If you’re comfortable with driving in Atlanta, figuring out how to drive in Austin won’t be that much different.

Getting an education in Austin
If you’re worried about leaving behind a number of top educational institutions in Atlanta, you’ll be relieved to know that education is also a top priority in Austin. As one of the top literate cities in the U.S., Austin has the fifth largest school district in the state with approximately 86,000 students and ranks near the top of the nation in 4th and 8th grade math and science. Six of Austin’s high schools were named among “America’s Best High Schools.” Of course, don’t forget about the University of Texas at Austin – which continues to grow, receive top rankings in affordability and academic quality, and contributes to Austin’s college-town atmosphere.

Dining & Entertainment in Austin
While a big city like Atlanta seems to have a never-ending variety in restaurants, your palate won’t be bored in Austin. Being close to the border of Mexico, you’ll find authentic Mexican cuisine as well as TexMex, BBQ, and fine dining.

Sports fans might miss the professional teams in Atlanta, but you’ll still have college games to go to in Austin, and the Dallas/Fort Worth area isn’t that far if you’re itching to see some pro-football. NASCAR fans may enjoy the new Formula 1 United States Grand Prix races southeast of Austin, or take a trip to Forth Worth to the Texas Motor Speedway.

Known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin holds several annual music festivals that feature all sorts of genres of music – so no matter what your style, you’ll find something to enjoy. You’re also likely to find more outdoor activities than in Atlanta, as there are seven lakes nearby Austin plus miles of hiking and biking trails. Austin is also a big golf destination.


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