Moving from Atlanta, GA to Los Angeles, CA

Moving from Atlanta, GA to Los Angeles, CA?

Los Angeles is one of the most visited places in the world. Considered by many to be the "Entertainment Capitol of the World," when it comes to activity, there is no place that is busier than the City of Angels. With enviable weather, seemingly endless sunshine and beautiful people, there are many reasons to recommend moving from Atlanta, GA to Los Angeles, CA. This article will hit many of those highlights.

What is the weather like in Los Angeles?

Atlanta has a very specific nickname: Hotlanta. The reason why this is should be obvious. Atlanta is a hot city. Not only is it hot, but is also often very humid. Those who are considering a move from Atlanta to Los Angeles might find this the best reason to make the leap. Los Angeles, by comparison, is known for having fairly mild temperatures all year long. Meanwhile, humidity is a non-factor. Never will you have to worry about your hair going crazy again! It still remains rather warm all year long, though, and it is not unusual for beach season to begin very early in LA. It is also socially acceptable to dress for the beach all year long. Atlanta may get very hot, but it also not out of the ordinary to experience occasional winter weather during the colder months of the year. Despite its milder climate, this is not a concern in LA. There have only been a few reports of snowfall ever in the city. If you’re looking for consistency and sunshine without the sticky extremes of Atlanta, Los Angeles is the place for you.

What is the education system like in Atlanta?

When it comes to higher education, Los Angeles is home to two of the most popular universities in the nation, with the University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Southern California (USC). Due to the city’s intrinsic ties with the entertainment industry, LA also houses many specialized schools geared toward careers in motion pictures, such as the American Film Institute (AFI).

The Los Angeles Unified School District serves around 800,000 students, which includes 162 Magnet schools, or schools with specialized curriculums. In addition, the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts is maintained by Los Angeles County. There are many options in the realm of private schools, as well.

Will I be able to entertain myself in Los Angeles?

When you compare the things to do in Atlanta versus Los Angeles, there is no comparison. Los Angeles is one of the most exciting cities in the world with virtually no end when it comes to entertainment. No matter what your interest, chances are you'll find something to occupy your time in LA.

Are you looking to find out about Hollywood and movie history? Take one of the many Hollywood bus tours, such as the ones offered by Starline or TMZ. What to tour a movie studio? Warner Bros., Universal, Sony, NBC and Paramount all offer comprehensive behind-the-scenes experiences that will tell you everything you've ever wanted to know. Feel like spending the day riding roller coasters? Try out Disney's California Adventure in nearby Anaheim, or Six Flags in close-by Santa Clarita. You could also take a stroll down the Santa Monica Pier and take a roller coaster over the ocean in their amusement park.

Want to hear live music? Check out one of the many concert series at the legendary amphitheatre The Hollywood Bowl or the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Enjoy seeing live theatre? Many Broadway touring shows make stops at the Pantages Theatre. Want to see how your handprints and footprints measure up to many of the most famous luminaries ever to hit the silver screen? Take a walk by the forecourt of TCL Chinese Theatre (formally Grauman's Chinese Theatre). On your way to the forecourt you look for your favorite star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Do you enjoy hiking? Try out Runyon or Fryman canyon, where you might even spot a celebrity. Enjoy the beach? How about you go to Malibu or Newport or Venice... or, well, you get the idea. If there's something you want to do, Los Angeles is the place to go. There's even a well-known attraction in the form of tar pits. The mountains and wine country are only short drives away. Getaway hot spots like San Diego and Palm Springs are not too far, either. The entertainment section of any Los Angeles article should take up several pages, but for the purpose of this article we will stop here. Entertainment is the primary draw of this endlessly fascinating city.

What are the job opportunities like in Los Angeles?

Much like the entertainment options, the job opportunities in Los Angeles are also extensive. Most famously, the city is known for its ties to the movie industry. Many different film and television studios are based in LA, and there are also many, many opportunities for those who are interested in the recording industry, as well. Fashion/apparel, aerospace technology and tourism are also among the most popular careers in Los Angeles.

USC, Farmers Insurance Group, Fox Entertainment and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center are some of the top employers in the city, and many other companies have their primary branch located in the city limits, including Capitol Group and The Cheesecake Factory.

The gross metropolitan product for Los Angeles was $735.7 billion dollars in 2010, which puts it in an elite class of world cities that includes New York City and Tokyo, Japan. This distinguishes it as an "Alpha World City" according to England’s Loughborough University. There is no comparison in world economics when it comes to Atlanta and Los Angeles.

How to move to LA affordably

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Welcome to sunny Los Angeles, CA!

With much more mild temperatures, numerous entertainment and job opportunities, there is no reason that you should second guess your decision to move from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Welcome to the City of Angels!