Moving from Atlanta, GA to Houston, TX

Are you moving from Atlanta, GA to Houston, TX?

Atlanta is a great city, but Houston might very well be a better one. While there are many advantages to living in the home of the Braves, Houston has recently positioned itself as one of the top places to call home in the United States. With low costs of living and great economic outlook, making the move to Houston may be the best idea you’ve had in a long time.

What is the weather like in Houston?

Just this past year, Atlanta endured a bitter cold snap that led to uncharacteristically harsh snowfall. Dubbed “Snowpocalypse,” the condition were extreme and quite literally shut down the city for days. This type of problem might be rare in Atlanta, but it is unheard of in Houston. If this brutal winter is the kind of condition you want to rid your life of completely, then Houston is the place for you. Each year there are about 100 days that reach over 90 degrees. While this sounds quite hot, Houston is prepared. It is often called the most air-conditioned city in America. In addition, rainfall is plentiful with around 50 inches per year. This helps contribute to a nice landscape. Houston also has advantages over Atlanta in that it is near the Gulf of Mexico, which means sun-soaked days at the beach will soon be in your future.

What do the demographics look like in Houston?

Houston is also a more diverse city than Atlanta, due largely to its position as a port city. With an ever-growing community that currently holds about 90 ethnicities, Houston has just about every type of person represented amongst its population No matter your racial or social background, chances are you can find a group of people that you can relate to in this city. In addition, Houston is a very young city, which helps lend to its up-and-coming vibe. The median age of Houston residents is currently 31. Houston also benefits from being quite progressive, especially for a metropolitan area in the conservative South.

How are the school systems in Houston?

Whether you are talking about higher or public education, Houston has more than enough options to properly teach its youth. The Houston Independent School District is the seventh largest school district in the nation, and there are also 112 Magnet schools and more than 300 private schools at the disposal for parents in the city.

Once children are ready to move on to college, esteemed universities like Rice University, the University of Houston and Texas Southern University should all be considered excellent options. Rice, in particular, is one of the most highly-regarded research schools in the country.

Will I be able to entertain myself in Houston?

There are also plenty of pastimes in Houston. The city is well known around the globe as one of the leaders in space travel in the world. The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center calls Houston home. This popular attraction has exhibits and educational opportunities for visitors and residents alike.

Each year there are more than seven million people who attend the large number of museums located within the city, among which includes the Holocaust Museum and the Museum of National Science. Performing arts lovers will get a kick out of the Houston Grand Opera and the Houston Symphony Orchestra, both located in the bustling Houston Theatre District.

The Houston Rockets are the city’s basketball team of choice, while there are many other types of games to attend, such as the Astros in baseball and the Texans in football.

What is the economy like in Houston?

The economy in Houston is one of the biggest draws it has over Atlanta. Thanks to its positioning as a port city along the Gulf of Mexico, it has become the top export market in America. Oil and natural gas are also among the top industries in the city, which has led to Houston to be called one of the top energy cities on the globe.

The Forbes 500 list ranked Houston second amongst cities in the nation, and it was given the top ranking in the Best Cities of 2008 list by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. It cited the many employment opportunities, quality of life, local economy and cost living as reasons why the city is such a great place to call home. The U.S. Bureau of Statistics also named Houston the number one city for job creation in America.

Houston has a varied and ever-growing economy that offers a variety of different industries to choose a potential career from. Oil and natural gas help lead Houston’s international reputation for being one the top energy cities in the world. Due to its costal location, Houston has recently become the top export market in the U.S.

Houston also is listed second amongst cities on the Forbes 500 list and was given Kiplinger’s Personal Finance top ranking on the Best Cities of 2008, which cited the city’s employment opportunities, cost of living, local economy and quality of life as excellent. Last year, the U.S. Bureau of Statistics called Houston the number one city in the United States for job creation.

Making the move to Houston

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Welcome to friendly Houston, TX!

Why are you living in Atlanta when moving to Houston is such a viable option? Pack your bags and move to beautiful, cost effective and booming Houston today!