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On the Georgia coast is the oldest city in the state — Savannah. More than 145,000 residents call the city home, and millions of tourists visit each year. It’s a unique city, where classic cobblestone streets meet modern-day skylines. And with its southern subtropical climate, Savannah offers comfortable, year-round conditions. But sometimes the tides of life take us somewhere new, and if you’re moving long distance, U-Pack® can help.

With us, you don’t have to drive a rental truck a long way. Instead, you take care of the packing and loading, and we’ll handle all the driving. And with a nationwide coverage area, we directly service all U.S. cities with populations exceeding 30,000. So no matter where you’re going, we can get you there.

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6 Facts about Savannah That May Surprise You

History and culture run deep in a city as old as Savannah. Even if you’ve lived here your whole life, these 6 facts might surprise you:

  1. Savannah, being the first town in Georgia, was also the first capital. But, the city didn’t hold that title for long. Augusta became the second capital until 1868 when Atlanta became the official capital.
  2. In 1740, Reverend George Whitefield founded the first orphanage — the Bethesda Orphan House. Today, it’s a private boarding school for young boys.
  3. The Congregation Mickve Israel is an active Jewish Synagogue on Gordon Street. It’s the third oldest Jewish congregation in the country, dating back to 173  
  4. The Historic District’s architecture is a mixture of Federal, Victorian Regency, Greek and Gothic Revival, and Italianate designs.
  5. Scenes from the Academy Award-winning 1994 movie Forrest Gump were filmed in the city.
  6. The sailing competitions for the 1996 Summer Olympics (hosted in Atlanta) took place on Savannah’s coastline.

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