Moving from Atlanta, GA, to Pittsburgh, PA

Adjust to life in a smaller city in the Keystone State

Moving from Atlanta to Pittsburgh is a northeastern journey of about 685 miles. Living in the New England area of the United States as opposed to the South means adjusting to new weather patterns and a different culture. 

You’ll also find some population differences between the two cities, but you might feel more crowded in the smaller town of Pittsburgh due to its higher population density. Atlanta’s population of 498,715 (6.2 million in the metro) is significantly larger than Pittsburgh’s population of 302,971 (2.46 million in the metro), according to the 2020 U.S. Census.  

Keep reading to learn more about Pittsburgh. 

Cooler weather up North

The climate in Pittsburgh is cooler than the humid subtropical climate in Atlanta. You can expect drier weather outside of winter since Pittsburgh typically gets 38 inches of rain per year compared to Atlanta’s average of 52 inches. 

You will have significantly more snow in the winter, with an average of 28 inches in Pittsburgh compared to only 1 inch in Atlanta. If you’ve dreamed of a snowy holiday season, it’s much more likely in Pittsburgh than your former home. 

Pittsburgh for history buffs

If you loved learning Civil War history and exploring sites in Atlanta, you could learn more history in Pittsburgh — with much of it predating the 1860s. 

The village of Pittsburgh grew following the American Revolution and was instrumental in the boat-building industry. Iron production came next, followed by steel production in the mid-1870s. 

Despite the collapse of the steel industry in the 1980s, “Steel City” adapted and shifted its focus to cutting-edge technology in biomedical technology, nuclear engineering and robotics.  

Things to do in Pittsburgh

A great thing about Pittsburgh is the city's number of free things to do. Check out the Bicycle Heaven (the world’s largest bicycle museum) and the Frick Art & Historical Center to step back in time.  

Prefer to go out at night? Reserve a free tour of the Allegheny Observatory to view the sky through the telescope and hear a presentation. 

There are plenty of other exciting things to do in the city, from breweries and restaurants to museums and sporting events with the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL), the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) and the Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB). 

Ready to make your move to Pittsburgh?

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