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10 Items People Forget To Pack When Moving Out Of State

August 13th, 2013 - 7:54 AM

What am I forgetting to pack for my move?

There’s always that one thing you forget to pack when going on vacation, right? Well, what about when you’re moving out of state? You might not forget the TV, but you may forget one of the items on this list below. Check it out and don’t forget a thing!

10 items people forget to pack when moving out of state

  1. The Dry Cleaning. That beautiful little black dress or your favorite button up might have a new owner if you don’t remember to pick up the dry cleaning before you move.
  2. Storage. The house is empty, but what about the attic, the shed, or the local storage unit? Do you have stuff stored in a locker at the gym or work? Don’t forget it!
  3. The Safe Deposit Box. If you forget the safe deposit box, you could make a costly trip back to your old location to retrieve it.
  4. Borrowed Items. Did you loan your friend your favorite book? Did he loan you his favorite movie? Be sure to return items to friends and have them return your items to you.
  5. Under the kitchen sink. Make sure you check places like under the kitchen sink, the cabinet above the fridge, and other places that don’t often see the light of day.
  6. The medicine cabinet. Remember to get all your medications out of the cabinet. You may pack the important ones and say you’ll get the other ones later. We recommend you pack them all at once so you don’t forget. Remember to keep any medications you need with you during the move – don’t pack them in the moving trailer.
  7. Curtains and décor. If you love home décor, this may be the first on your list. But if you’re down to the last hour before the moving company arrives, it could get left behind.
  8. Shoes. Believe it or not, people tend to leave shoes behind. See if a local shoe store has some empty shoe boxes you can use for your move.
  9. Buried Treasure. Do you have valuables in a certain nook in the house? What about buried in the ground outside? Don’t forget to dig up buried valuables before you move.
  10. Contact info. Pack a phone book so you can look up numbers of friends or business services in your old location. You never know when you’ll need to call your previous doctor or a sick friend to wish them well. Also, collect addresses so you can send Christmas cards during the holidays or other notifications throughout the year.

Can you think of anything else that could be forgotten to pack when moving out of state? Leave a comment and let us know!

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