How to Pack a Bicycle

I’m moving long-distance…can you help me learn how to pack a bike?

Many people who choose to do the packing themselves to save money find that packing a bike can be complicated. We’re here to help uncomplicate things. If you own a bicycle, we’ll help you learn how to pack it for your upcoming long-distance move. Let’s get started.

How to pack a bicycle

First off, we recommend packing your bicycle inside a bike box before putting it inside the moving trailer or moving container. There’s just too much potential for damage if it isn’t boxed. If a bike box is unavailable, you may consider getting a bike carrier for your vehicle or building a box to fit your bike. Here is some helpful instruction on how to build a cardboard box.

Here’s how to pack a bicycle:

  • First, gather your supplies.
    • Bike box (from your local bike shop), or a customized box
    • Foam tubing, fork guards, derailleur guards, and wheel plugs should be included with the bike box. If not, you should be able to purchase these separately from your local bike shop.
    • Use Bubble Wrap® to add extra cushion around the frame of the bike.
    • Zip ties to secure the wheel to the frame.
    • Packing tape
  • Next, watch these helpful step-by-step video showing you how to disassemble your bike and pack it into a bike box.




  • And lastly, to keep the bike box from shifting in transit, use ratchet strap tie downs to secure it inside the trailer or container.

We hope this information is helpful for you to see and learn how to pack a bicycle. If you have questions, just leave us a comment and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction. And if you're moving long distance and haven't gotten a quote from U-Pack yet, now's a great time! It's a great way to save money moving.

Happy Bike Moving!

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