I am moving a motorcycle. Can U-Pack help?

What’s the best way to transport a motorcycle?

It’s harder than you may think to find a company that can move your household goods and your motorcycle across the country. If you want a shipper, instead of towing the bike on a trailer behind a rental truck, there are only two companies that allow bikes or ATVs: U-Pack® and 1-800-Pack-Rat®.  With a nationwide coverage area, flexible space and fast transit, U-Pack is the ideal solution. See what makes it great for shipping a motorcycle, find out how to prep and load a bike, and learn how to get the cheapest rates possible.

Person driving a motorcycle during a long distance move.


What makes U-Pack a great option for moving a motorcycle?

Many of the features that make U-Pack a great option for moving across the country also make it ideal for shipping a bike:

  • One convenient shipment. You can move a bike or ATV right in the moving equipment (as long as you drain the fluids first). Instead of booking multiple companies to handle your household goods and your motorcycle, U-Pack can transport it all, door to door.
  • Guaranteed reservations. When you reserve, we lock in your equipment and move date. Get a quote and reserve online or by calling 844-362-5303844-594-3077.
  • Use as much space as you need. U-Pack can accommodate moves of any size. With the option of either ReloCube containers or as much space as you need in a 28’ moving trailer, there’s plenty of room to secure your belongings and your motorcycle.
  • Easy loading. ReloCube containers sit at ground level, and trailers come with a single-track 2’ wide ramp — so loading your bike is easy.
  • Plenty of tie-down points. Use straps or rope located throughout the equipment to keep your furniture, boxes and bike secure during transit.
  • Keep your shipment safe. It stays secure, either behind a bulkhead divider wall in a trailer, or locked with your own padlock in a ReloCube.

Learn more about how U-Pack works here.

How to transport a motorcycle

Here’s how to prep, load and secure your bike for your U-Pack move:

Make sure you have what you need

To load a motorcycle, you’ll need:

  • A wheel chock
  • 5-6 ratchet straps
  • Handlebar loops
  • Something to cover it (a model-specific cover or moving blankets and stretch wrap)

Drain the fluids

You must drain flammable fluids like gas and oil before transport. Refer to the owner’s manual for instructions or take it to a local bike shop. Tip: remember to replace the fluids on arrival so the motorcycle can run properly.

Cover it

Protect against scratches and dust by covering the entire motorcycle with a model-specific cover or a moving blanket secured with stretch wrap.

Load it

With the bike in neutral and your hand on the front brake, push it into the ReloCube or trailer. We recommend loading it near the tie-down points in the equipment to make securing it easier — just make sure any household goods surrounding it are also secured well. If you’re only moving the bike, place it in the center of the container.

Secure it

To tie down the bike, grab the wheel chock, straps and a friend. If straps will rub on chrome parts, use padding underneath them to protect the finish. And make sure nothing will rub on the strap during transit that could loosen or break it.

  1. Secure the wheel chock using two straps, one on each side, attached to the logistics tracking in the container or trailer.
  2. Place the front wheel into the chock (to prevent it from rolling forward) and use loops to hook straps to the handlebars, balancing the front. These straps do most of the work holding the bike in place, so make sure they’re secure.
  3. Lower the kickstand for support and have someone hold the bike upright while you tighten the straps evenly, being careful not to compress the suspension fully.
  4. Apply 1-2 straps to the back, looping or securing it around exposed parts like the rear tire, foot-peg, frame or swing arm. The rear strap prevents the rear wheel from moving side-to-side, so balance the straps accordingly.


Getting the cheapest motorcycle shipping rates

While most U-Pack moves are door-to-door, you can save hundreds by loading and unloading your belongings and motorcycle at a local service center. If that doesn’t work for your move, a U-Pack consultant can help you find the best options for your budget — call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to check rates.

Have other vehicles to move? U-Pack doesn’t transport automobiles, but we recommend options in this vehicle shipping guide.

If you have any questions about moving a motorcycle, leave a comment below, and we’ll be happy to help.


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