How to Pack Jewelry

The best ways to pack jewelry

What’s in your jewelry box? Whether the pieces are special gifts from loved ones or costume jewelry to top off an outfit, you want to make sure they arrive safely. For both travel and moving, packing jewelry properly ensures things stay intact: no broken bracelets, no tangled necklaces and no missing earrings. These tips will help prepare everything for transport.


Packing jewelry step-by-step

No matter why or how you’re moving jewelry, there are a few tricks to help protect things. This video gives some helpful tips whether you’re traveling or moving.

  • Use a jewelry roll for valuable pieces. The compartments keep pieces separate, and its compact size makes it easy to carry.
  • Organize small items with a pill case. Earrings or rings are a great fit for this application.
  • Thread necklaces through a straw or cardboard roll. Trim the straw or roll to fit the necklace. Secure the clasp, and then wrap items in tissue or packing paper for added protection.
  • Keep items secure and separate with re-sealable kitchen wrap. Lay out a piece of wrap, lay jewelry out on half, and fold and press the wrap to hold items in place.
  • Hook earrings through buttons or foam. Tape the backs to keep them from slipping out.
  • Wrap pieces individually in packing paper or zip-top bags. Place these smaller packages in a jewelry box, and then wrap it for transport. 

How to pack jewelry for travel

When traveling, there are three main goals for jewelry — organization, protection and easy to pack. Along with the tips above, these are some other travel tips for jewelry:

  • Carry valuables with you, in case your luggage gets lost.
  • If possible, choose one statement piece to wear with everything, and wear it while traveling, so you don’t have to pack it.
  • Use a carabiner or metal O ring to hold rings or bracelets. Clip them on and keep them organized. Place the entire bundle in a zip-top bag so they don’t snag on items in your suitcase.
  • For several pieces, use a tackle box or bead organizer. Most have removable compartments that allow for customizing to fit the jewelry. Place it in the bottom of the suitcase and pack around it.

How to pack jewelry for a move

When it comes to moving, it may be easier to pack items as they are stored. If your jewelry is stored in a box or armoire, then you can easily wrap individual items and move it in the armoire. Protect it like any other piece of furniture: Secure the drawers with stretch wrap and protect the finish with paper padding.

If necklaces and earrings are hung up at home, protect them by using the tips above. For several pairs of earrings, you could poke them through a foam plate (and tape the backs in place), then wrap the entire plate in packing paper and place it in a box. Use the straw/cardboard tube trick to prevent necklaces from tangling during transit, then wrap each one individually and layer them in a box. 

How to keep necklaces from tangling in a jewelry box

Once you arrive, several things can be done to keep items from getting damaged. One simple solution is to have one hook per necklace. We’ve seen some creative solutions including using the spiral from a notebook (each loop can hold a necklace) or the head of a rake (each tine can serve as a hook). 

If there’s not ample space, separate items as best as you can. Consider using straws or the zip-top bag trick from the video above: Place most of the necklace in the bag and seal the strands separately (keep the clasp out of the bag, so you can hang the necklace. 

Have questions about packing jewelry?

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