How to Use Plastic Wrap for Moving

Moving? Plastic wrap is a must-have!

Stretch wrap is an essential in your kitchen, but did you know it’s also important for your move? It can protect furniture from scratches and scuffs, bundle hard-to-pack items like bed rails, and keep moving blankets in place on furniture. Since it sticks to itself, but not to surfaces, plastic wrap is great for bundling and protecting items without causing damage or leaving a sticky residue.

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How to use plastic wrap for moving





Here are some of the ways to use it:

  • Keep drawers and cabinet doors closed during transit by covering the entire piece of furniture.
  • Secure appliance cords to the appliance in the same way.
  • Keep paper padding and moving blankets around furniture without tape.
  • Bundle items like bed rails, electric cables and curtain rods together.
  • Cover open bottles (like shampoo bottles) with a layer of stretch wrap under the cap to prevent spills.
  • Keep rugs rolled tight during transport.

Using plastic wrap for furniture

One of the most popular uses for plastic wrap during a move is packing furniture. Follow these steps to protect your belongings:

  1. Clean and dry furniture. Make sure everything is clean and completely dry before wrapping.
  2. Take off any removable parts. Remove things like table leaves and sofa legs. The more compact the piece, the easier it will be to wrap. Pack the parts separately, and place them in a box.
  3. Wrap wood or leather with paper padding. Moisture can be trapped under the plastic wrap, causing these types of materials to mildew or warp. Adding a layer of paper padding will provide protection and air flow. Stretch wrap can be directly applied to upholstered furniture, as it won’t sweat like leather and wood.
  4. Pay special attention to the corners. Apply extra protection using cardboard pieces or extra foam to protect corners.
  5. Cover the piece with stretch wrap. Use large stretch wrap to cover the entire piece of furniture. Small stretch wrap is great for keeping drawers and cabinet doors closed. Use the plastic to keep any paper padding in place. To use, place your fingers in the middle of the empty rolls and walk around the piece, letting the large roll unwrap as you go. The wrap will stick to itself, but you may need a friend to help hold it in place at first to get it started. Cut it with scissors.

Order plastic wrap for your move

While you can find plastic wrap in the kitchen section of any grocery store, you’ll want to get rolls specifically made for moving. They are sized to fit larger items, and most have easy-to-use handles. You can buy plastic wrap from these recommended retailers or your store of choice! 

Check out our packing tips for step-by-step instructions on packing the items in your home.  

Have questions about moving stretch wrap?

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