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The iPhone 5 and Moving: Smart Phone Apps that Make Moving Easier

October 3rd, 2012 - 3:02 PM

What did we do before smart phones? Some days it is hard to remember a world without all these gadgets and tools. I mean, I can check the weather, shop for my outfit, schedule my oil change, and listen to the radio all from my phone. Well, guess what? Your smart phone can help with your move, too!

With the latest announcement of the iPhone 5 we wanted to join the smart phone hype and give you some apps that might be helpful during your move. But for starters, have you seen the new iPhone 5? Four inch retina display, faster chip, 8MP camera… the techie folks in the U-Pack group are drooling. These apps will work on any of your smart phones, but man, they would look great on that big, new screen!

Top Weather Apps for Moving

So much of moving depends on the weather – loading in the rain and snow isn’t too fun. Of course, there are a bazillion weather apps, but one of my favorites is Swackett. See, Swackett tells you how to dress based on the weather, so as you’re packing up for your move, you can be sure you leave the proper clothing out for moving day. For the weather forecast for your road trip, download En Route Forecaster. You can put in your start and end locations, and it gives you the weather conditions for the whole trip.

Top Travel Apps for Moving

When you move with U-Pack, you get to drive your own car instead of a bulky rental truck. So, you may need some help as you travel. Use the GasBuddy app to find the cheapest gas prices along the way, the iExit app to tell you what you can find at each exit, and the KAYAK Pro app to help you find hotel deals when you are ready for an overnight stop.

Helpful Apps for Moving and Decorating

This one is perfect for moving. The Moving Van app was created to help you inventory your items as you pack. What a great way to stay organized! It lets you track the contents of each box. You can take photos of the items as you pack them to make unloading and unpacking easier.

Then, when you’re finished unpacking and ready to decorate, you can make sure all of your frames and wall-hangings are level  with the iHandy Level app.

Apps for Moving Fun

When you need a little stress relief from moving, why not play a moving game? Move the Box is a fun app where you move, drop, and swap boxes in a sort of logic game. Think Tetris, but with moving boxes.

So, these apps are certain to make moving a little easier for you! Know what else will make moving easier? Using U-Pack for your move. Get a free moving quote to see how U-Pack can help! And if anyone wants to send me one of those swanky new iPhones, just let me know and I’ll forward my address!