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Rental Trucks for Moving: A Recap

August 13th, 2010 - 11:00 AM

It's official— you're moving.  If you're like me, I'll bet the panic is already setting in as you envision yourself bumping along a winding road in a rental truck.  What happens if it breaks down? What do I do with the truck when it's time to stop at a hotel for the night?  And another thing— how am I going to get my car to my new place if I have to drive the rental? 

Rental trucks for moving mean paying for gas separately— and since most rental trucks get an average of 6 to 10 miles per gallon, the cost adds up pretty quickly.  Using rental trucks for moving also means you'll pay for the entire truck, regardless of whether it's too much space or not enough. 

There's no doubt moving can be stressful, but did you know that moving on a budget doesn't mean you have to drive yourself?  If you're comparing various rental trucks for moving, consider using a self-move alternative such as ABF U-Pack.

U-Pack provides customers with a moving trailer or ReloCube to pack and load their belongings, then an ABF professional drives to your new home— all at a rate that's comparable to a renting a truck.  U-Pack offers up to 3 business days each for loading and unloading, and U-Pack prices already include the fuel, taxes, and driver.  What's more, since ABF U-Pack rates are based on linear footage or the number of ReloCubes used, you only pay for the space you need and more space is always available. 

To see how U-Pack compares to rental trucks for moving, get a free moving quote or call 800-413-4799.