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National Moving Companies

July 21st, 2016 - 2:18 PM

Comparing nationwide moving companies

If you’re planning a long-distance move, it’s important to choose a company that can handle the task. Choosing a national moving company with long-distance transportation expertise and great customer service is crucial to a successful experience. To find the best national movers for you, you’ll want to research the different types of national moving companies and consider factors such as cost and reviews.

national moving companies

National moving options

There are several different nationwide moving options available ranging from complete DIY to full-service. The amount of work you want to do and the amount of money you want to spend will factor in to the decision you make. Options include:

Truck rental companies.  Renting a truck and driving your belongings to your new home is the most labor-intensive option, but it can be done. With this route, you do all the work – picking up the truck, loading, driving, unloading and returning the truck – but it typically costs less than full-service. If you go this route, it's best to find a company that does one-way truck rental, because round-trip rentals are not as convenient when moving long distance (since you’d have to return the truck to your original location). As you consider this service, don’t forget to factor in extras like liability coverage, taxes, tolls and fuel so you aren’t surprised by the final cost.

Portable storage companies. Moving containers are a popular option for moving because they’re easier than driving a rental truck. The containers are dropped off at your home, you load and then they deliver them to your new home. It’s important to double check that the companies you’re considering have a nationwide coverage area because many may service only one of your locations.

Full-service movers. At the opposite end from DIY movers are full-service movers. Most of these offer national moves, but you may pay a high price for all of their services since movers handle the loading, driving and unloading. A couple issues you may run into with this option are the time it takes to move (many full-service movers may take up to 4-6 weeks to deliver your belongings) and the price.

Self-moving companies.  A self-moving company is a hybrid moving service that combines the low-cost benefits found in truck rental with the added convenience of not having to drive. While they are similar to portable storage containers in many ways, hybrid services like U-Pack® offer additional benefits for customers.

Nationwide moving services from U-Pack

U-Pack is a self-moving company where we bring either containers or a trailer to your home, you load, then we deliver your belongings to your new home. As you research various national moving companies, see how U-Pack stacks up to the competition:

National coverage area

Coverage area is important, as a larger coverage area may mean faster transit times. For example, U-Pack has more than 240 service centers across all 50 states (plus Canada and Puerto Rico!) and we use those to determine the fastest route to get your belongings from Point A to Point B. In fact, our transit times are up to 300 percent faster than other national moving companies with most shipments arriving in just 2-5 business days. A broad coverage area and national shipping experience mean more than just fast delivery; it means your belongings are in good hands.


Along with national coverage, it’s important that a company has a strong history and proven record of successful relocation. Avoid any service that seems like a ‘fly-by-night’ company, as it could lead to a moving scam. If you’re looking for experts in the industry, U-Pack has the experience to get your belongings across the nation. We’ve offered household moving services since 1997, handling over 850,000 moves across more than 1 billion miles.

No transfer

A common practice of many full-service national moving companies is that they transfer your belongings as they travel across the country. It might go like this: your belongings get loaded in St. Louis and are destined for your new home in San Francisco. Then, the movers might transfer your shipment from one truck to another truck in Kansas City to free up equipment or accommodate their schedule. Then in Denver, they could transfer your belongings to yet another truck that will finally make its way to you.

This can quickly become a problem because every time a shipment is handled after the initial loading, the chances of loss or damage increase by more than 80 percent! Because of this, it makes sense to choose a moving service where your belongings don’t get transferred. U-Pack does not transfer your belongings – in fact, they stay right in the moving trailer or moving container where you loaded them throughout the entire move until you unload at destination.

Low cost

With U-Pack, you get the ease of door-to-door delivery without the high price tag of other national movers. Our services are affordable, often comparing to truck rental prices! Click for a free moving quote to see how you can move with U-Pack.

Customizable options

We understand that every move is different, so we offer unique national moving services. Our basic service works like this:

  • We bring a moving trailer or moving container to your home.
  • You load your belongings inside.
  • We deliver your belongings to your new home.
  • You unload.
  • We pick up the empty equipment.

Customize your move to fit your situation (and your budget!) by choosing any of these flexible options:

  • Moving labor. If you need help with the loading and unloading, we can refer you to affordable loading or unloading help.
  • Storage options. If you need storage, you can store your belongings right in the moving equipment. Storage rates are for 30 days, per container.
  • Exact delivery date. If you require delivery on a particular day or at a certain time, we offer a guaranteed service, which allows you to schedule your shipment precisely.
  • Terminal moves. If you’re trying to cut costs, we offer options for terminal moves. This means you can load, unload or both at a local service center, which can save up to $300 off the cost of your move!


One of the best ways to determine the reliability of a company is through customer reviews. Compare national moving company reviews through sites such as the Better Business Bureau, Yelp and Facebook. Check out our customer comments and see what makes U-Pack stand out among other national movers. We strive to provide top notch service, earning an A+ BBB rating. We’re confident we can help you make a successful move!

Get a quote

If you think U-Pack fits the bill for your national moving company, get a free moving quote to start planning. If you prefer to speak with someone, we have helpful moving consultants who are ready to answer your questions. Just call us at 800-413-4799 or leave us a comment below. We’re here to help!

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