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My Rental Truck Experience

By Guest
June 16th, 2008 - 9:31 AM

Many years ago (before U-Pack) my husband, my young daughter, and I made a move.  We were young and financially challenged and I was VERY pregnant.  We couldn’t afford a full service mover and really we didn’t have enough stuff to justify a full service mover.  Normally, when we were moving across town, we just borrowed someone’s truck and made several trips.

Anyway, one of our moves was further away than just across town so we decided we would splurge and rent a truck.  We would actually get everything moved in one trip!  My husband was very focused on loading everything correctly to ensure the truck would ride properly.  Load all the heavy appliances first and moving boxes last.  

We had been on our way for about two hours, my husband was driving the truck and I followed in our car with our four-year old daughter. Once we got to a strip of 4-lane highway that had no exits, no local towns, and nothing within 15 miles in either direction, the rental truck started smoking and made a loud noise.  We pulled over to check things out.  Some nice soul pulled over and offered assistance.  (This was about 30 years ago.)  The nice soul ended up taking my husband to the nearest service station where he called the rental truck company (before cell phones).  They sent a mechanic out to see if he could fix the moving truck but was unable, so they brought us another rental truck.  There we were on the side of I-40 with cars going past us at 65 mph unloading one rental truck and loading another rental truck.  Forget loading the moving truck properly; just get it loaded as fast as possible!

Unfortunately, many people continue to have similar moving experiences today.  Please read the customer reviews posted at epinions.com for yourself, and see why I recommend ABF U-Pack!

Karen is U-Pack's featured guest blogger. She is one of U-Pack's analysts, working to help customers through long-distance moves.