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My move to Phoenix with U-Pack | Choosing a Moving Service

By Josh K
November 15th, 2011 - 7:45 AM

This is part four of a five-part series, written by Josh Knoll, about his experience moving with U-Pack from Fort Smith to Phoenix. This time Josh talks about the process he went through to pick a moving company for his move - and how ultimately decided on U-Pack. Make sure to check out Moving to Phoenix Part I, Moving to Phoenix Part II and Moving to Phoenix Part III while you're at it!

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Moving to Phoenix with U-Pack Part IV

My original plan for this move from Fort Smith to Phoenix was to either rent the smallest rental truck I could find or rent one of those small rental trailers and coax a friend and her husband to haul it with their SUV. I didn't want to drive (I prefer bicycling), and when factoring in the cost of my friends boarding their pets, purchasing fuel for an SUV (round trip), paying the rental fee on the trailer, reserving hotel rooms for three adults over the course of 4-5 days, meals on-the-go, and the abstract cost associated with all the unavoidable hassles of moving, it didn't take long before I was dreading every aspect of this cross-country dilemma.

I relayed said dilemma to my sister over lunch and she said she had heard a lot of good things about U-Pack (U-Pack's home office is located in our home-town). She suggested I get quotes from other companies, specifically U-Pack. I definitely had nothing to lose just checking prices. I immediately got a quote (and an email) from U-Pack that included a very doable grand total. There were no hidden fees. There was no scary fine print. What a surprise! I never would have guessed I would be able to afford it on my limited budget. Everything was clearly outlined in their email, and it was actually quite a bit cheaper than the alternative when all of the extra costs (like gas, hotels, food on the road, etc.) were added in. And of course, it was an added bonus that all of my online and phone interactions were quick and pleasant. So, I took the plunge-and I'm glad I did.

When I called my friends and told them they wouldn't have to drive their new SUV across the Sonoran desert during the July heat wave, they were elated! I ended up booking a flight to Phoenix and meeting my new roommate early. Because it was a weekday, the flight wasn't full, so the airline even upgraded me to business class free-of-charge! I know that's not something everyone can expect, but I'm glad it happened to me! I barely lifted a finger and moved 1200 miles in three hours. In my book, that's a great moving experience!

Here's what the ReloCube looked like at my apartment in Fort Smith:

ReloCube in Fort Smith

ReloCube all packed up:

Packed ReloCube in Fort Smith

My flight from DFW to Phoenix (the plane from Fort Smith to Dallas was just a little smaller ).

U-Pack plane flight

From pine trees to palm trees…ReloCube delivery in Phoenix.

U-Pack ReloCube in Phoenix

Delivered safe and sound. Thanks U-Pack!

Delivered U-Pack ReloCube