How to Secure U-Pack Moving Equipment

Everything you need to know about locking trailers and ReloCubes

U-Pack® takes care of the security of your items while they’re in transit or storage, but you’ll want to keep everything safe in the moving trailer or ReloCube® while it’s parked at your home. Luckily, it’s easy to lock both types of moving equipment. 

Securing a U-Pack moving trailer

There are two places to put a lock on a moving trailer: on the door while you’re still loading/unloading and on the bulkhead (privacy barrier) that you’ll install after you’re finished loading. 

U-Pack moving trailer with a secured bulkhead.


You’ll keep the keys to your bulkhead lock so you can access your things after delivery, but you’ll need to remove your lock from the trailer doors before we pick up the equipment. The driver will secure it with a company-owned lock for transport. 

What type of lock works best for the moving trailer? 

  • Outdoor rated 
  • Shank at least 2 inches long  
  • Shank diameter no more than 1/4 inch 

Locking a U-Pack ReloCube

ReloCube doors have a latch for installing your own padlock to keep the contents secure during transit and storage. 

ReloCube door secured with a padlock.


While you’re loading, we recommend locking the doors whenever the Cube is unattended. If space permits, you may also consider parking a vehicle in front of the Cube overnight for added peace of mind. Just like with bulkheads in the moving trailers, you’ll keep the keys for any locks you use on ReloCubes. 

What type of lock works best for the ReloCube? 

  • Outdoor rated 
  • Shank at least 2 inches long  
  • Shank diameter no more than 3/8 inch 

Have more questions about the securing U-Pack equipment for your move?

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