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How to Lift Boxes to Avoid Injury

May 29th, 2015 - 8:08 AM

What’s the best way to lift a heavy box?

Moving—whether it’s locally or long distance—almost always requires lifting at least a few heavy boxes. To avoid injury to your back, we recommend watching this video to learn how to properly lift boxes before you start moving. It includes tips and best practices from Mayo Clinic and other reputable health experts.


A video demonstrating how to lift boxes

How to lift heavy boxes

1.      Examine the box. Check its shape, condition, and contents. If it’s too heavy to lift alone, ask a friend to help you or use a moving dolly.

2.      Position yourself to lift the box. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, look straight ahead, and keep your back straight.

3.      Lift the box. Keep your back straight as you kneel down to the box. Grip the box firmly with both hands.

4.      Slowly lift the box. Again, keep your back straight as you lift. Use your legs to do the lifting – not your back. Push your body up into a standing position.

How to set down a heavy box

When you’re ready to set the heavy box down, follow this technique: Bend with your legs and kneel down, keeping your back as straight as possible. Once the box is on the surface, release your grip and stand up.

More tips for lifting boxes

  • Stretch your leg and arm muscles before you lift the boxes to prevent pulling a muscle.
  • Clear a path directly to the moving truck so you don’t stumble over any obstacles in the way.
  • Wear non-slip, closed-toed shoes to prevent stubbing your toe or slipping on a slick surface.
  • When carrying the heavy box to the moving truck, turn with your feet – not your torso, to prevent strain on your body.
  • Keep the box close to your body as you carry it. This will prevent strain on your arms.
  • Walk slow and steady as you carry the box to the moving truck.

Ready and lift!

Now that you know the best practice for properly lifting boxes, you’re all set for moving day. If you want to watch more helpful videos to prepare for your move, check out our video playlist, or if you have questions, leave a comment below. We’re always happy to help. And, if you’re interested in moving long distance without driving a rental truck, get a free moving quote from U-Pack® or by calling 800-413-4799.