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How to move from one state to another

October 17th, 2018 - 8:54 AM

Preparing to move to another state

Moving out of state requires a little more work and planning than moving across town. It involves a longer drive, hiring a moving service and dealing with new utility companies. We’ve simplified the process to four major steps to make preparing for the move easy. Start by making plans, then work through the rest of the list to take care of everything else.

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two houses and a moving truck moving from one state to another

Move from one state to another in four simple steps

Below are the four main tasks you’ll need to do when moving to another state. Start preparing and planning as soon as possible — giving yourself ample time will allow you more opportunities to research, make decisions and keep stress at a minimum.

Choose a moving company

When choosing movers to go from one state to another, you have three primary options:

  • Truck rental. As the most do-it-yourself option, you pack, load, drive, unload, and pick up and return the equipment. It might have a reputation for being the best option, but for a move to a new state, that may not always be the case. Along with renting the truck, you have to factor in the extra costs of fuel, liability coverage and travel (plus the extra work).
  • Full-service movers. On the opposite end of the spectrum, full-service moving companies do everything for you. It’s usually the more expensive option since it includes all the services. However, if you need the help, it can be worth it.
  • Self-moving services. This type of service is the middle-of-the-road option. With a service like U-Pack®, you do the packing and loading, but not the driving. Prices vary depending on locations and home size. You might be surprised to know that U-Pack often compares to truck rental in price, but you don’t have to drive!

Make travel arrangements

After reserving the equipment, you’ll know the official move date and how long it will take for the belongings to arrive. Once you have those dates, you can book travel plans. If you’re going to drive, make sure to have your vehicle serviced, and make hotel reservations along the route. For longer trips, you might want to fly and ship the vehicles. U-Pack doesn’t transport automobiles, but we refer customers to Mr. Car Shipper®. Call them at 877-528-9627 for a quote. 

Set up the new house

Beforehand, arrange for utilities to be turned on, as appointment spots may fill up. Ideally, you’ll arrive at the new home, have utilities turned on, and then move in. 

If there are any repairs to be made, scheduling those beforehand can be helpful, so you’re not trying to unpack while work is being done. Once you arrive, take time to clean the empty house from top to bottom. 

Prepare for the new city

The last piece of the puzzle is to learn about your new hometown. Check city and state websites for “new resident” information so you’re up to speed on the requirements. For example, you may only have thirty days to obtain a new driver’s license or two weeks to register a pet. 

Another important step is finding new care providers. Before the move, ask your current doctors for recommendations in your new city. They may have suggestions. Once you know which doctors you’ll use, transfer your records to make the process easier. 

How U-Pack does out of state moving

Since U-Pack is unique, take a closer look at how the process works to see if it’s right for you:

  • We bring a moving container or trailer to your home (or load at a service center)
  • Most moves include three business days to load
  • U-Pack picks up the equipment and delivers it to the new house
  • Transit times average 2-5 business days
  • You get three business days to unload
  • We pick up the empty equipment

You can add storage, guaranteed transit, and we can refer you to loading or unloading help if needed. Explore the options with a U-Pack quote online or by calling 800-413-4799

Start planning your state-to-state move

Are you ready to take the first step in planning your move? Get a free quote from U-Pack. We make moving long distance easy and affordable. If you have any questions about moving with U-Pack or moving to another state, please leave us a comment below. We’re happy to help.