How to move from one state to another

Moving to another state? Start with a plan.

A state to state move has lots of parts, and to make sure everything goes smoothly, you need a plan. The good news is after helping over 1 million people, U-Pack has it down to a science. We’ve put together all the info you need to move out of one state and into another, hassle-free. You’ve got this. And if you need any help, our moving consultants are here for you. Ready to get started?

Family smiling as dad unloads the moving trailer after a state to state move.


Things to do when you’re moving to a new state

Determine your budget

Before you start planning, it’s important to know how much you have to spend. Is your employer paying for your move?  If so, check with your human resources department to determine what your budget is. Or, if you’re paying for your move on your own, figure out how much you’re able to save before moving day.

Plan for potential expenses

The next step is to figure out where the money you’ve budgeted will go. Of course, there’s the moving company (more on that below), but there are some other expenses you may encounter, like:

·       Moving supplies
·       Auto transport
·       Pet shipping
·       Travel (hotel, airfare, fuel)
·       Deposits (housing, utilities)
·       Repairs (for the current or new home)
·       New household items (furniture, appliances, etc.)
·       Loading or unloading help

Make a list of potential moving costs, so you’re prepared, and can distribute your budget appropriately. Need help figuring out how much to save? Check out this article on budgeting for an out of state move.

Compare moving quotes from out-of-state moving companies

Contact moving companies (either by phone or online) to compare moving quotes — but make sure to only check with companies that can complete moves across states. Some can do intrastate moves but not interstate. For an out of state move, you’ll have options like complete do-it-yourself rental trucks, you-pack-they-drive services and full-service movers. In many cases, your budget and the amount of work you want to take on will point you toward the best option for your move.

Take your time packing

When you’re moving out of state, it’s important to pack carefully and use proper moving supplies. Since your belongings will be traveling over a longer distance than a local move, the way they’re packed matters. Order moving supplies early, so you’ll have plenty of time to do it well. It’s also a good time to get rid of anything you don’t plan on moving to your new home.

Cover all your bases

Once you’ve squared away the moving company and started packing, then it’s time for, well, everything else. The easiest way to keep track of it all is with a moving checklist. You’ll find tasks like hosting a moving sale, changing your address, planning your road trip, prepping your pets for the move, and more.

Plan your move with U-Pack 

Since moving to a new state involves so much, it makes sense to let someone else do some of the work — without paying the high price of a full-service mover. U-Pack® is the perfect option. It’s only part DIY. You do the packing and loading, but then we do all the driving — you don’t have to stress about driving a rental truck to a new state (or leaving all of your belongings in a truck parked outside a hotel as you travel).  Learn more about how U-Pack works, and then get a free moving quote online or over the phone to check rates for your move. Learn more about what makes U-Pack the best way to move long-distance.

Have questions about state-to-state moving? Leave us a comment below. It’s our specialty!