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How to Sell Your House

By Josh J
February 4th, 2009 - 4:35 PM

By now if you haven't heard that home sales are down considerably, well, you're probably living under a rock. Selling a house in this market has turned into a daunting task.  But the fact remains, some homes are still being sold. So how do you make sure your home is one of the chosen ones?

Great tips for how to sell your house:

No more clutter.
Perhaps the easiest AND most overlooked thing that you can do, is get stuff out. Prospective buyers want to be able to imagine their stuff in your home…not yours. Leave the major furniture so it doesn't look too bare or empty, but box up the clutter. It should look ready to live in rather than already lived in.

Where do you put it all?
In an ABF U-Pack ReloCube. We can place right it in your driveway. You just load everything in and put your lock on it. We call this "on-site storage". It's perfect!  Now you can put away the clutter where it can't be seen, but it's still at your house, so if you need access to it – there it is! Then, when your home sells, we can pick up the ReloCube and move it to your new home.

Just call 800-355-1696 to get a quote for on-site storage.

To List or Not To List…That is the Question.
With the economy now officially in a recession and home prices down, many people may be tempted to bypass a Realtor and just list their home "For Sale by Owner."  Unfortunately, this may be one of the worst times to consider this option.  Even though it could theoretically save you a fair amount of money, it may not do any good if your house doesn't sell.  This is a really good time to find a reputable national Realtor, where your home will be seen not only by perspective buyers in your area, but also buyers across the country that could be moving there.  Check out www.realtor.org to find a member of the National Association of Realtors in your area.

Still wondering how to sell your house? Fix it up.
While it's probably not a good idea to spend thousands of dollars putting in a hot tub or an indoor pool, you'll want to at least make sure it's in great shape inside and out.  The trim and paint should be fresh, landscaping should be clean and crisp, light bulbs should all be working, and all outlets and switches should work.  Since you live in your home every day, you may unknowingly overlook some things that could turn off a prospective buyer right away.  One way to make sure you have your bases covered is to have a trusted friend come over to evaluate your home as a "buyer". Even better, have your listing Realtor go over it with you.  You don't want someone to walk through your home thinking about all the things they'll need to fix.

Good luck!