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How My U-Pack® Move Compared to Truck Rental Moving

By Josh K
December 12th, 2011 - 2:43 PM

A while back you may have read about my original experience moving with U-Pack.  I moved from Fort Smith, AR to Phoenix, AZ in a ReloCube.  Today I thought I would talk about why I decided on U-Pack instead of renting a truck and driving it myself.

Like most people, before deciding how I would move from Arkansas to Arizona, I seriously considered truck rental moving— mainly because it's what I was familiar with and I thought it would be the best low-cost solution.  Rental trucks have been the standard do-it-yourself moving option for years.  I can't tell you how many times I've helped friends and family load and unload them.  But since I was moving such a long distance this time, I decided to check out other options.  I didn't know if I could afford it, but I really wanted to pack it all up and fly to Phoenix.  The thought of driving 1,200 miles by myself in a rental truck did not sound appealing, and though I had friends willing to help, it wasn't an appealing option for them or me.  So I decided:  just because truck rental is familiar, it doesn't mean it's my only choice.  And after a recommendation from my sister, I got a quote from U-Pack (and some other moving services).

There was no question that I would have to do something low-cost.  I was moving on a very tight budget, so full-service moving wasn't an option.  Actually, the reason I started looking at U-Pack initially was the company's reputation.  The home office is located in Arkansas (actually, right in the city I moved from), and it's very highly regarded locally.  I just assumed that the price would be higher than truck rental moving since ABF would actually drive it. 

But it wasn't.

After getting quotes from several truck rental moving companies, I figured out that a 10 foot rental truck from Fort Smith to Phoenix would cost about $700.00, then fuel would cost about $560 (it's close to 1,200 miles)— so I would be looking at around $1260.  I learned later that this didn't include taxes or insurance.  My quote from U-Pack for 1 ReloCube was just under $1000.  ABF would drop it off at my apartment complex in Fort Smith, drive it for me to Phoenix and drop it off at my new apartment complex there.  Sweet.  The price, compared with knowing for a fact that ABF was a reputable company, sealed the deal.

And, as you can see from the pictures in my earlier posts, it all went off without a hitch.  If I ever move again, guaranteed it will be with U-Pack.  No more truck rental moving for me.